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Illustration • "The strongest weapon against hateful speech..." illustrator Eleanor SHAKESPEARE's c/o JSR AGENCY beautiful statement; two motifs for you on GoSee

09.02.2017 • It's all about: Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama. Eleanor SHAKESPEARE c/o JSR AGENCY Eleanor Shakespeare is a photo montage illustrator with a love of old photographs and bold color. "Her work combines found ephemera with contemporary palettes and mark making to create truly unique illustrations." JSR AGENCY tells GoSee. With a number of books published worldwide, Eleanor has also worked for clients including Variety, The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, The Telegraph, Easyjet Traveller and BBC History.

Since studying illustration in Bristol, Eleanor has dedicated her time to honing and fine tuning her illustrative style to ensure its versatility and relevance. She now enjoys life in South London but has her sights set on New York (one day!).

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new entry • London-based representation JSR AGENCY is pleased to welcome NEW entry Paper Artist Diana BELTRAN HERRERA; we have a first portfolio for you on GoSee

09.02.2017 • "Diana Beltran-Herrera takes the art of paper sculpture to the next level." London-based representation JSR AGENCY tells us excitedly about their new entry. And continues: "With expert precision, and a keen eye for color and composition, Diana’s creations are as visually arresting as they are intricate."

The native Colombian is inspired b botany and Natural history in general. Mastering the craft, she transforms paper into 3D sculptures – much to the delight of clients such as Hodder & Stoughton, Condé Nast Traveller, Audubon America, Florida Museum of Natural History or also GF Smith – to name a few.

Diana now resides in Bristol, where she graduated from UWE with a Master of Art in the area of 'Fine Arts'. Her biography can be found on her GoSee artist page:

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Illustration • Stage pictures by Cornelia VON SEIDLEIN c/o ART ACT for the 100th Anniversary of DADA - a very sophisticated Operetta in Munich

01.02.2017 • “At the Alten Kongresshalle, THEATERGEMEINDE MÜNCHEN presented die world debut of Peter Stangel and the Taschenphilharmonie. A tribute to Zurich in a time when strange and crazy encounters were possible; in the spirit of mocking, feather-like works of Offenbach and Weills. The story is set in 1916. The cast includes Tristan Tzara and Lenin, Hugo Ball and the beautiful bankers daughter; everywhere is chaos, confusion, and of course, there is a happy end. All of the above was underscored by Cornelia VON SEIDLEIN with stage pictures full of imagination,” the representation on the work of the illustrator to GoSee.

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Illustration • Ralf KUNSTMANN c/o ART ACT created for 11 Freunde magazine top-class golden trophies

27.01.2017 • In the 11 FREUDE year in review, trophies were awarded in categories including: “Best Dive of the Year', 'Best Commentator of the Year’, 'Best Game of the Year'. A total of nine trophies were illustrated by Ralf KUNSTMANN for the alternative soccer magazine.

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Illustration • 'Solo or symphony?' - Anja STIEHLER c/o JUTTA FRICKE Illustrators illustrates musical motifs for GIZ snd a motif for TEGUT

21.01.2017 • The main question of the GIZ employee magazine 04/16, German Society for Internationals, was 'solo or symphony?'. It was visualized by Anja STIEHLER in collaboration with Zimmermann Editorial GmbH. The result was six musical impressions from the world of orchestra, with a visual language which takes up the internal communication strategy.

Plus, the JUTTA FRICKE illustrator realized a motif for the corporate publishing of TEGUT - gute Lebensmittel GmbH: the customer magazine 'Marktplatz' reported in issue 01/17 on other perspectives of everyday family problems. Created in cooperation with the agency Inspiring Network' was the opener of the editorial '... it can be done differently.'

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Illustration • Get movin' with ORTHOMOL Arthroplus and 3 x 3 International Illustration Show No.13 - illustrations by Isabella ROTH c/o JUTTA FRICKE Illustrators

21.01.2017 • JUTTA FRICKE illustrator Isabella ROTH visualized several productions for the product ORTHOMOL Arthroplus with tips for the best ager target group. It resulted in neutral pictures with a sympathetic response for Yupik PR. A place in the Hall of Fame was certain for Isabella ROTH in the 3 x 3 International Illustration Show No.13. Her work will be published at the beginning of 2017 and is already online at the gallery. The jury gave Isabella ROTH an honorable mention for her illustrative visualization of the historic Düsseldorf harbor in the book 'The City of Rings', Greven Publishing Cologne. The book was illustrated by Isabella Roth, so have a look at her GoSee portfolio.

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Illustration • With screen printing to young art - Michael ZANDER c/o JUTTA FRICKE Illustrators represented in the Büchergilde Artclub, Frankfurt

21.01.2017 • Michael ZANDER c/o JUTTA FRICKE Illustrators is taking a completely new approach: In addition to manual illustration, he uses the classic printing press for limited editions of new visuals. Wood engraving and screen printing lead to completely new collage-like results. The Büchergilde Artclub, Frankfurt, now offers two of his prints in the 'Young Art' edition: 'Mespelbrunn Palace' and 'False Snake'.

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Illustration • 'True sight is with the heart' - Patrick WIDMER c/o JUTTA FRICKE Illustrators with a collage from 'The Little Prince' for the Bavarian State Opera

18.01.2017 • 'The Little Prince' still succeeds in inspiring young and old. Which is why he is the focus of the youth program of the Bavarian State Opera, 1st quarter 2017. With several illustrations, JUTTA FRICKE illustrator Patrick WIDMER drew the interpretation of the house. It was published as a poster in the multi-page, high-quality production program. Concept: Bureau Mirko Borsche.

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Illustration • 'Typical German!' - Thomas KUHLENBECK illustrates the cover of HÖRZU

18.01.2017 • 'Typical German!' FUNKE Media dedicates a humorous report to the long-year hit and commissioned JUTTA FRICKE illustrator Thomas KUHLENBECK with the sympathetic cover illustration for the TV guide HÖRZU. Interesting typical German info: questionable statistics state that 64% of men think that equal rights for German woman have gone far enough.

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Illustration • 'The crisis of the liberal order' in LIBERAL magazine – illustration by Tom COOL c/o JUTTA FRICKE Illustrators

18.01.2017 • The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Berlin, publishes the bimonthly magazine LIBERAL. Planet c GmbH commissioned Thomas Kuhlenbeck c/o JUTTA FRICKE Illustrators with his Tom COOL style to illustrate the main topic, 'The crisis of the liberal order', the world at the crossroads.

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