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Illustration • 'The Beauty Of Vases', 3D visuals and 18-sec. animated film for ETSY - with artwork by Nico CASATRO c/o VISUALEYES

12.07.2017 • ETSY is an e-commerce website founded in 2005 for buying and selling handmade products, vintage items and artist supplies. The headquarters are in New York district of Brooklyn. The new vase promotion comes from Nico CASATRO c/o VISUALEYES.

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Illustration • Kunst ab Hof meets ILLUSTRATION AB HOF – an exhibition on the topic of illustration & storytelling at a visual level, presented by

05.07.2017 • How much communication makes use of art in the form of commissioned illustrations, and how close commissioned illustration comes to art are shown by Austrian artists and illustrators Artur Bodenstein, Gina Müller, Stefanie Hilgarth, Blagovesta Bakardjieva, Larissa Seilern, Kerstin Luttenfeldner, Tibo Exenberger, and Anna Wacholder in the group exhibition at association Kunst ab Hof.

Responsible for packaging, posters and placards, labels and annual business reports, album covers and school textbooks, explanatory films and animations, exhibition design and theme illustrations in lifestyle magazines and trade journals are the illustrators themselves. If a topic can not be explained with a photograph, the illustrations by these artists bring us closer emotionally through explanation. Perspectives and size ratios can be shifted.

Kunst ab Hof invites to the opening of the exhibition titled Illustration ab Hof on 8 July, 2017 (Zeiselberg 28, 3550 Gobelsburg, Austria). Here are some works by the eight illustrators – more is available directly via

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Illustration • 'Dare to Be Different' campaign with animation by Luke Waller c/o JSR AGENCY and further works by the illustrator on GoSee

05.07.2017 • “Hand drawn illustrator Luke Waller created this fabulous animation for the Dare to Be Different campaign. A high-profile new initiative that aims to inspire, connect and celebrate women who work in every aspect of motor sport. Dare To Be Different is about increasing female participation, not just on the track but in all aspects of the sport and other perceived male-dominated industries. It will achieve this in two key areas – creating an expansive online community, and bringing young girls (aged 8-14) together with some of the sports’ most inspiring women in a series of special events.

Based in Bath, Illustrator Luke Waller works regularly for clients such as The Financial Times, BA, Highlife magazine, Market Life magazine, and BBC History. His unique color palette and instantly recognizable hand drawn style adapt beautifully to the editorial, publishing and advertising markets. You may have also seen him venture into the world of fashion – nothing is off limits! Luke is illustrating his own book based on true stories from his father and uncle’s time on the police force...

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Illustration • The old issue 'Fear of Speaking' - illustrated for DIE ZEIT by artist Stefan MOSEBACH c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

27.06.2017 • For DIE ZEIT, Stefan MOSEBACH c/o WILDFOX RUNNING illustrated a motif on the topic of the ’Fear of Speaking’. The illustrator also displays her work in the Gudberg Nerger Gallery in Hamburg. Further details via his Frankfurt-based reps.

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