20.02.2017  •  Photographers NEWS


Ufos in Bulgaria? Photographer Volker DAUTZENBERG c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS visits the Buzludzha Monument, three motifs for you on GoSee

The Bulgarian Buzludzha Monument looks like a rotten UFO relict from days past. This scene could not be missed by AVENGER photographer Volker DAUTZENBERG.

About - Buzludzha is a historical peak in the Central Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria and is 1,432 metres (4,698 feet) high. In 1868 it was the place of the final battle between Bulgarian rebels led by Hadji Dimitar and Stefan Karadzha and the Ottoman Empire. The House-Monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party (or informally, the Buzludzha Monument) was built on the peak by the Bulgarian communist regime. It commemorated the events of 1891, when a group of socialists led by Dimitar Blagoev assembled secretly in the area to form an organised socialist movement that led to the founding of the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party, a forerunner of the Bulgarian Communist Party. Construction of the monument began on 23 January 1974. The monument was built at a cost of 14,186,000 leva, which by today's rates is roughly equivalent to $35 million.