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Photographers • Marcus Philipp SAUER photographs the SUV campaign for MERCEDES-BENZ SUV and BBDO in China

29.05.2017 • Commissioned by the agency BBDO, Marcus Philipp SAUER and his team photographed the elaborate SUV campaign for MERCEDES-BENZ SUV in China. The vehicles were elaborately staged and photographed at a small airport a three-hour drive away from Beijing. For the shoot, a water basin was built, for example, in which the cars were jacked up, in order to make the desired river passage as realistic as possible. The underwater part was photographed in Thailand by Herny Gan. We have the high-gloss result and exciting making-of photos straight from the side of the basin exclusively for you on GoSee.

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Photographers • Dominik Mentzos photographs 'Extinction of a Minor Species' – the poster campaign for the new production of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company

29.05.2017 • Dominik Mentzos, represented by GoSee member SEVERIN WENDELER, has accompanied the impulsive dance performances of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company. The new piece Extinction of a Minor Species had its debut at the end of April in Frankfurt. The piece will soon be performed in Dresden Hellerau. Dominik stood once again behind the camera and knew precisely how to create the teasers for the production with his exciting print motifs.

“Extinction of a Minor Species structures itself around a series of acts with dance as its hallmark. In this “environment of actions”, an out-of-time narrative permeates the atmosphere to figure purposefully, the boundaries of uncertainty in the construction of an artistic space, where dance, choreography and body empower a furtherance of an aesthetic resistance.
 The imagery of Extinction of a Minor Species centres essentially on the human body. Before the space is always the body. Bodies are everywhere in this performance – implied, represented or transformed choreographically and artistically. Body images recall us of the Antiquity and of...

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Photographers • EyeCandy : Press and social media content production for SCHWARZKOPF PRO and communication agency Achtung!

29.05.2017 • Berlin-based photographer duo EYECANDY had the honor of staging the new products from SCHWARZKOPF PRO with their typical modern colorful style: The two photographers with their own cool rental studio located on the Spree river were in charge of conception, set construction and photography.

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Photographers • Tim Thiel presents the cinema spot of the 90s classic popsicle 'BumBum' from SCHÖLLER, a DUREX orgasm study for Fleishman&Hillard and his new WEBSITE on GoSee

28.05.2017 • A cool new idea is the latest cinema spot of the 90s classic popsicle 'BumBum' from Schöller. For JWT Frankfurt, photographer and Director TIM THIEL realized the spot with creative Elena Senn and Sebastian Panzer. Styling was taken care of by Anabel Thiel, with photo editing by Nachspiel Postproduktion.

For the agency Fleishman&Hillard and the client DUREX, Tim Thiel photographically realized an orgasm study. Created were expressive stills, which examine the subject a little tongue in cheek. Find more new works on TIM THIEL's new website.

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Photographers • Hunter & Gatti : MASSIMO DUTTI S/S 2017 MOROCCO campaign with Benjamin Eidem, Edita Vikeviviute & Fei Fei Sun, CÓDIGO ÚNICO with David Gandy, and LA VANGUARDIA with Barbie Ferreira

24.05.2017 • Inspired by the Silk Road and photographed in Morocco by Hunter and Gatti, the campaign evokes the earthy tones of the new Massimo Dutti Spring/Summer 2017 campaign for women and men... HUNTER & GATTI present the MASSIMO DUTTI S/S 2017 MOROCCO campaign with Benjamin Eidem, Edita Vikeviviute & Fei Fei here on GoSee.

HUNTER & GATTI had yet another shoot with the extremely successful David Gandy in front of their camera. The new portrait appeared in CÓDIGO ÚNICO. And the down-to-earth male model told them quite congenially: “I am aware of the power of my image as a brand, but I do not feel that it really is me. On one side is David Gandy, the business, and then I am as an individual, with my private life, which is very different from my professional side.” We have the photos here on GoSee – further men's portraits are available directly via HUNTER & GATTI.

HUNTER & GATTI photographed an editorial with wonderful plus-size model Barbie Ferreira for LA VANGUARDIA. Great to see how much the early 20-year-old loves and accepts her body as it is and doesn't try to hide a single inch...

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pers • THE ISLAND OF CURACAO, a photographic visit by Shannon GREER c/o ALYSSA PIZER MGMT

24.05.2017 • Curaçao is a Lesser Antilles island country in the southern Caribbean Sea and the Dutch Caribbean region, approximately 65 kilometers (40 miles) north of the Venezuelan coast. It has a population of over 150,000 in an area of 444 square kilometers (171 square miles), and its capital is Willemstad. In the 16th and 17th centuries, sailors on long voyages would get scurvy from lack of vitamin C. According to some accounts, ill Portuguese sailors were left at the island today known as Curaçao. When their ship returned, they had recovered, likely cured from scurvy, probably after eating fruit with vitamin C. From then on, the Portuguese referred to the island as Ilha da Curação (Island of Healing). We bring you several feel-good impressions from the isle, photographed by Shannon GREER c/o ALYSSA PIZER MGMT.

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Photographers • Enlightening motifs for LOUIS POULSEN Designs, photographed by Frederik LINDSTRØM c/o BLINK PRODUCTION

23.05.2017 • LOUIS POULSEN, founded in 1874, is a Danish lighting manufacturer. The Scandinavian design principle 'form follows function' is its highest maxim. The function and design of their products are designed to reflect and support the rhythm of natural light. Every detail of a design serves a particular purpose. And every design begins and ends with light. Frederik LINDSTRØM c / o BLINK PRODUCTION photographed the motifs shown on GoSee.

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Photographers • LEO KRUMBACHER: COUCH MAG, Alain Fabien Delon in LUFTHANSA mag, personal masking and multi-masking motifs

23.05.2017 • For Couch magazine, Leo teamed up with Chanel and make-up Queen Loni Baur to photograph the beauty trend looks on model Franziska Stegmann c/o Model Mgmt. Perfect hair and wigs by Nadine Bauer c/o Ballsaal, and the dream team was made complete by charming Jana Krentzlin from Couch magazine. And the perfect makeover came from the experts from GoSee member RETOUCHED STUDIOS. Leo is represented by GoSee member KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN.

This time, LUFTHANSA magazine produced in LEO KRUMBACHER's hometown of Hamburg – for which the photographer staged a fashion story in the honorable Elbphilharmonie. Together with stylist and producer Diana Gullotto c/o Stilbüro Hamburg and hair & make-up artist Nino Allegro, the nearly 'all Italian' team had loads of fun with the super couple made up of male model Alain Fabien Delon (sun of Alain Delon and Rosalie Van Breemen, who remarkably resembles his world-famous father) and German model Antonia Wesseloh. 'Big thanks to the untiring assistants Matic Blatnik and Luma from Perfall. The Elbphi is BIG and miles of cable were laid for lighting and...

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Photographers • Astrid M. Obert : SUPAGIRLS editorial in Cape Town, the ROSA FAIA for Anita campaign, AQUA HOMME – VINTAGE SWIMWEAR IN A VINTAGE LOCATION

23.05.2017 • ASTRID M. OBERT photographed the latest ROSA FAIA for Anita campaign: “Lingerie with outstanding comfort and style.” Rosa Faia stands for sexy, shape-forming, stylish lingerie and colorful, luxurious swimwear. On the job for hair & make-up of Camilla c/o Mgm Models was Sigi Kumpfmueller, who was photographed at Munich's Studio C2.

A road trip – two girls and two funny goats... Astrid M. Obert photographed in Cape Town with Chantelle Pretorius and Josephine Broome c/o BOSS MODELS (hair & make-up: Kelly Paitaki, styling: Catharina Van Wyk C/O Sncm, production: Sa Media).

'AQUA HOMME WITH SAMUEL' is the title of the vintage swimwear shoot by Astrid M. Obert, which she presents here on GoSee. On the team too were KELLY PAITAKI for hair & make-up, stylist CATHARINA VAN WYK c/o SNCM, and male model MUKHUWANA c/o FULLCIRCLE, SA MEDIA took care of production).

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Photographers • Sven Jacobsen : People shoots for COCA COLA MINI for Ogilvy Mather Berlin and CODA NYC and the agency LUDIQUE NYC

23.05.2017 • Sven Jacobsen photographed for COCA COLA as commissioned by Ogilvy Mather Berlin (AD: Bianca Heusch, account: Viktoria Zielinski, style: Anja Hamann, H&M: Nino Allagro, prod: Speedball Productions, Vlens Müller-Feller).

A new development from Magnum Real Estate Group. Bringing the heartbeat of New York home. Sven JACOBSEN photographed for the client CODA NYC and the agency LUDIQUE NYC (CD: Frederick Evans, AD: Elyse Siegal, style: April Hughes, hair: Yoichi Tomizawa, make-up: Suzy Gerstein). Production was taken care of by GoSee member ISABEL SCHARENBERG NYC.

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