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Post • Albert Bauer Studios : Post production for location motifs of the BMW F45/F46 for BMW CoC Artwork and Aerial Showreel from Kopterwork 2017 with breathtaking aerial shots

19.07.2017 • Albert Bauer Studios has been among Germany's leading studios for image processing, 3D visualization and animation at the highest level for many years. Here on GoSee, they now present you the Aerial Showreel 2017 from KOPTERWORK, which presents a best-of national and international projects.

With ambition, the highest commitment and a passion for breathtaking aerial shots, the Kopterwork team goes to work. High up in the air, down on the ground, outdoors or indoors – all precisely tailored to the needs of clients, kopterwork turns ideas into images, true to the slogan “close up and still free”. (aerial shots: kopterwork, editing: Kai Thorarensen, Pascal Noller, grading: Karsten Knüppel, Maik Przybylski, sound design: Tobias Scherer, music: Marius Kirsten, support: Daniel Manns, Moritz Götte)

For the project BMW F45/F46, ALBERT BAUER STUDIOS took care of post production for the location motifs. The location backgrounds were shot by photographer David Maurer, and the vehicles were integrated via CGI.

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Post • Photographer duo Breun und Grega go to the races with TWENTYFOUR-7 for post production of the new NISSAN GTR

12.07.2017 • The new super sports car from Japan, which sets the bar a bit higher again according to the carmaker, was staged by photographer team Breun und Grega for RAMP magazine. Twentyfour-7 did likewise in post production.

Meet the post production specialists exhibiting at the annual industry get-together UPDATE17 on 6 October in Berlin as well as old friends and new contacts.

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Post • Futuristic automobile study from VW T-PRIME CONCEPT GTE photographed by Heiko Richard for INTERSECTION MAG with post production by TWENTYFOUR-7

09.07.2017 • For INTERSECTION magazine, Twentyfour-7, under the direction of Heiko Richard, wrapped up post production for the futuristic automobile study from VW: T-PRIME CONCEPT GTE. The interior of the vehicle is luxuriously equipped with materials such as leather, high-grade wood and aluminum. And that a premium SUV is entitled to premium post production, is demonstrated by the team from TWENTYFOUR-7.

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Post • 'You Choose!' MAGROUND realizes the JEEP look for Swiss Renegade fans

03.07.2017 • #renegadepeople.... Once more, the lead agency of Jeep found the perfect location at MAGROUND to give it the typical Jeep look & feel for the Renegade. Search on for “Mountains” and “View” to get the best results – or contact MAGROUND, and they can send you a selection tailored to your needs within minutes.

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Backgrounds • MAGROUND and the satisfied client FLEETBOARD say 'Thanks' ! We have the campaign motifs for you on GoSee

03.07.2017 • Fleetboard has been in business as a connectivity pioneer for more than 15 years, developing innovative solutions for the transport & logistics industry. MAGROUND on the new campaign: “Thank You for picking one of our super cool high-resolution aerial interchange background images. And Thank You for choosing a piece of art from our shipping container port collection backdrops!” We have the campaign motifs including wonderful alternatives for you on GoSee.

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Post • ckgraphic post-produces the premiere photos of the KIA STONIC for Innocean, Frankfurt

30.06.2017 • Innocean Worldwide Europe commissioned Claudia Kupp | ckgraphic once again with post production – this time for the world premiere of the brand new crossover vehicle STONIC from KIA. Besides editing the results of the studio shoot, the vehicle was integrated onto a backplate, and the matching look was developed. Igor Karpalov was the responsible CD. We bring you a selection of the 14 motifs here on GoSee.

Kia wants to get a wheel in the garage of the market for compact SUVs and is launching the Kia Stonic in the fall of 2017. Word has it that the car comes with more individualization options than any other vehicle of the brand.

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27.06.2017 • “After the first motifs of the new Opel Insignia have already been published as a teaser, here is the main part of the shoot now by GoSee member Frithjof Ohm which impressively demonstrates the continuity of the light & shadow concept,” says the MAINWORKS post production team enthusiastically. The concept for the breathtaking photos by Frithjof Ohm came from Scholz & Friends – and Mainworks was responsible for the congenial post production. We have a selection of the more than 30 motifs for you on GoSee. The red Insignia Exclusive was realized by Mainworks in CGI.

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Post • New York, the breathtaking city, a classic of the automotive industry, a 65 Rambler Marlin, and Martin Loos... cool photo story with post production and color grading by MAINWORKS

27.06.2017 • Martin Loos, studio musician and songwriter and Per Schorn met up by chance in New York. Since they both appreciate the other's work, they spontaneously decided to shoot a photo spread together. It was photographed in Williamsburg between brick architecture, Bedford Avenue, and a Rambler Marlin discovered by Per in the midday sun of New York in May. The color grading developed by Mainworks inspired by gangster films of the sixties underscores the feeling of the photos: raw, strong and a color world reminiscent of other times.

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