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Stock, Backplates & CGI • The VW Amarok has great aspirations - the adventure motif by MAGROUND for VW Turkey

23.05.2017 • VW Turkey searched for the ideal spot to park the 224 PS strong VW Amarok in a striking pose on a mountain – and found the perfect location at MAGROUND. Several more great landscapes and backdrops are available under:

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DOP • Director Mona El Mansouri presents 'Stray Love' on GoSee - DOP Peter RIIS c/o BITE MANAGEMENT

17.05.2017 • 'Sweet moment, stay with me...' Director Mona El Mansouris films 'Stray Love' about first moments, awakening emotions and magic beginnings. Responsible for the photos was DOP Peter RIIS c/o BITE MANAGEMENT. Captured in front of her camera for eternity with a smile were male model Leebo Freeman and beautiful Leslie. Go & See!

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Hair • Hairstyling for TWIN magazine and SUPPLEMENT magazine - Olivier SCHAWALDER c/o LES ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger twice for you on GoSee

17.05.2017 • For a 'Louis Vuitton' special of TWIN magazine, Melanie+Ramon photographed model Valerija Kelava. Hairstyling was taken care of by Olivier SCHAWALDER c/o LES ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger. And for the title spread of SUPPLEMENT magazine, Olivier SCHAWALDER was also responsible for hairstyling. Photos were shot by Mariano Vivanco.

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DOP • 'Color your Life' - Markus HEUMANN c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS realizes a CAFISSIMO commercial

17.05.2017 • In his high-tech studio in Hamburg, Markus HEUMANN provides more and more services for moving images. He demonstrated his skills as DOP in the commercial for CAFISSIMO, Tchibo's capsule machine for the perfect coffee pleasure (agency: Ropelius, SFX Product Care).

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Production • Mariposa Production, specialist for film & photo productions on the Canary Islands, presents the dream of a destination NAMIBIA on GoSee – on an exploration between elephants, cheetahs & flamingos

17.05.2017 • Mariposa Production is not only a competent partner for productions on the Canary Islands, but also has more dream locations in store in their database, such as Namibia: “Sun shine on 300 days a year in the southwest of Africa. Namibia is famous for the most beautiful sundowns worldwide, but has a lot much more to offer: brush country, desert, rainforests, fertile forests, and rugged mountain ranges. The origin of the word “vastness” could go back to this country. We support and organize photo and film productions on location. With direct flights from all over Europe as well as several German cities,” says the MARIPOSA TEAM.

The territory of Namibia today is considered one of the oldest parts of the Earth's crust. Namibia invites you on a trip to the highest dunes – the charm of which lies not only in their extreme height but, above all, in their interplay of colors depending on the angle of sunlight, in one of the world's oldest deserts, along a lonely coastline to even tropical wetlands. The diversity of nature in Namibia and a visit to the Etosha National Park makes the...

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H&M • 'Yummy' – ASTRA/CARLSBERG commercial with beauty support from Maike ALBECK c/o LIGANORD

17.05.2017 • Hair & make-up artist Maike ALBECK gave the protagonists of the new ASTRA/CARLSBERG commercial "Local Mix" just the right look during the shoot. The agency for Germany's most entertaining and multiple award-winning beer campaign is Philipp und Keuntje. Production: It's us Berlin. Director: Djawid Hakimyar, DOP: Simon Drescher, Editor: Jan Bihl. Grading: Mike Bothe, Music/Sound: The German Wahnsinn Team.

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