02.03.2017  •  Production NEWS


New entry at AGENT MOLLY & CO. is prop & interior stylist Cecilia TIVAR

Agent Molly & Co represents from now on prop & interior stylist Cecilia TIVAR – we have first works for you here on GoSee, and more is available via the agency from Stockholm.

"When I was a child, I didn't play with dolls and toys, but loved playing dress up with my sister and our dog inspired by things I had seen on TV. We were pirates, musketeers or showgirls! This lasted until I was given my first Barbie with a fabulous wardrobe! A little older I still remember meticulously planning my outfits for school. This obsession could just lead in one direction, towards a job in the fashion business, and I became a stylist and editor working for magazines and advertising agencies. When offered a job at Residence Magazine in 2005 as style editor, I never hesitated as it meant taking a new creative route. I believe you can find inspiration almost anywhere, just look around you: a picture, a beautiful house, a garden, an exhibition, a conversation, all of these can trigger a new idea. You might start out at A but after a talk with the art director or photographer, you might suddenly end up at D and that is the perfect idea! I also believe in the creative teamwork that evolves between photographer and stylist. I love scouting around for odd bits and pieces to lift my work to find that one piece that makes people look twice at a picture."