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Actress and YouTube star Nilam Farooq in a soft portrait by OANA SZEKELY for AOK ON MAGAZINE

AOK ON met up with actress and YouTuber Nilam Farooq in Berlin and spoke with her about family and friends, sports and health, and her career. She was portrayed by Oana SZEKELY. A half million followers are inspired by Nilam, who presents a colorful mix of lifestyle, travel, beauty, fashion, and food on her channel. She appeared in the TV series SOKO Leipzig as Olivia Fareedi, and in 2014, she was together with five other celebrities from the Berlin scene, including Daniel Brühl and Eva Padberg, a brand ambassador for the Japanese clothing label Uniqlo. Since 2015, she has also worked as a jewelry designer, and this year, she played in the feature film 'My blind date with life'... So Oana had a dazzling and charming personality to perfectly stage in soft light. The interviews are available via AOK ON.
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'Good food, good mood - listen to your belly' - OANA SZEKELY photographs Janine Uhse and Christoph Brand for AOK ON magazine

The AOK teamed up with actress Janina Uhse, exceptional chef Christoph Brand and food blogger Miriam "Mia" Keller to present a new topical complex on healthy & balanced nutrition for students - embracing the ethos: 'Good food, good mood - listen to your belly', trainees, career starters & food enthusiasts. The wonderful, uncomplicated liaison was photographed by OANA SZEKELY, who with her fresh style, ensured the right dose of fun and professionalism on set. And suddenly, vegetables are serve a completely new purpose at a shoot – we like!

'Janina and Food' is the name of German actress Janina Uhse's Facebook page. In GZSZ, she has played Jasmin since 2008. She now has her first role in Til Schweiger's feature film 'Cro - Don't Believe the Hype', and in normal life, she has a second role as chef/foodblogger. OANA SZEKELY photographed Janina Uhse together with Christoph Brand while cooking for ON magazine at the headquarters of Fliegende Köche in Kassel.
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'Be my Valentine'! wishes OANA SZEKELY

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