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NEWS // 01.03.2017 // NEW : IMMAGIS FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY, gallery with modern fine art photography, Munich, presents an exclusive weekend seminar with star photographer Vincent Peters from 01 – 02 April, 2017, in the Sax Studios, Munich
// We are delighted to welcome IMMAGIS FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY as a new GoSee member. CEO Kathrin Köhler and her gallery, which was founded in 2010, stands for an excellent selection of modern fine art photography – from leading international photographers such as Marc Hom or Guido Argentini or even promising young newcomers – as limited editions of uncompromising high quality. For several months, IMMAGIS has been in its new gallery spaces in Munich – Bluetenstrasse 1 &ndas…
NEWS // 09.04.2017 // Nice & sporty - Markus HENTTONEN c/o STÖVER PHOTOGRAPHERS stages the beauty & sport editorial in TU STYLE
// For Italian fashion magazine TU STYLE, Markus HENTTONEN photographed under the Barcelona sun yet another sport & beauty spread (model: Lourdes Coteron c/o Line Up Models. hair & make-up: Carmen Rachel).
NEWS // 22.11.2016 // 'Elements' - Markus Mueller photographs inside a futuristic concrete mansion against the breathtaking backdrop of the Swiss mountains
// For his personal project 'Elements', Markus Mueller shed the right light on new motifs deep in the Swiss mountains and in impressive locations. “The location was designed by Zurich architect André Treina, a futuristic sight-seeing chalet in the style of 007 with three stylish living units with a breathtaking view of the Swiss mountains. The view with the pool shows a fascinating combination of tamed and untamed elements such as earth, water and air,” the photographer tells GoS…
NEWS // 23.11.2016 // 'Polka Dots' in LE PETIT TROU F/W 2016 collection. Photos by Mateusz STANKIEWICZ c/o AFPHOTO
// Fashion photographer Mateusz STANKIEWICZ realized the latest collection for the LE PETIT TROU lingerie label. We have the sensitive result for you here at GoSee. The fine lingerie is available, among other places, at SELFRIDGES & CO in London. LA PETIT TROU : "'I created Le Petit Trou because of the need to have sensual, beautiful and comfortable lingerie. I am fascinated by fashion and everything that is beautiful. I am the author of numerous covers and fashion spread in one of the…
NEWS // 04.05.2016 // 'Private' and 'Acido Dorado' by photo artist Mona Kuhn in an exhibition at EUQINOMprojects in San Francisco including an artist talk with Darius Himes/Christie's and soon in an illustrated book from Steidl
// At the moment, an extensive exhibition with works by Mona Kuhn lures photo fans from all corners of the world to San Francisco's Bay Area. On exhibit are the series 'Private' and 'Acido Dorado'. On 30 April, Darius Himes, International Head of Photographs at Christie's, had a chat with the photographer about her ideas and the creative process. And at the same time, she is preparing her new monograph at Steidl, which will be released in fall. EUQINOMprojects explains the exhibited series like …
NEWS // 05.12.2016 // The sexy DRENCH swimwear campaign Made in California - photos by Matthew COMER c/o JSR AGENCY
// Matthew COMER c/o JSR AGENCY photographs for DRENCH swimwear the sexy summery campaign on location in California. In front of his camera, model Berit Hanna from Wilhemina models not only let her talents shine. “His photography celebrates all things youth with a large pinch of sub-culture accompanied by a tongue in cheek wink.” the London-based representaton #JSRAGENCY excitedly tells GoSee. Matthew Comer is also behind 'Off the Rails' Magazine – which describes itself as follow…
NEWS // 28.11.2016 // Lise-Anne Marsal photographs 'Homage to Brassaï' – a sexy lingerie spread in nightly Paris
// American photographer residing in Paris, Lise-Anne Marsal, who is famous for her kids and fashion photography, traveled back in time to Paris of the 1930s for her new lingerie story. “The very special atmospheric mood of the series is an homage to the photo artist Brassai,” the photographer tells GoSee. Born by the name of Gyula Halász, the world-famous artist who went by the pseudonym Brassai went to Paris 1924 after studying in Hungary and Germany. A photographer friend …
NEWS // 10.01.2017 // NEW at GoSee : Alex SCHIER, fashion, beauty & advertising, Düsseldorf; the beauty editorial in HARPER'S BAZAAR January 2017 for you on GoSee
// NEW at GoSee is Düsseldorf-based fashion, beauty & advertising photographer ALEX SCHIER. Alex works for clients such as VAN LAACK, GARDEUR, BARBARA SCHWARZER, SEDUCTIVE, RAFFAELO ROSSI, NVSCO, MARC O'POLO, ESPRIT, ADDIDAS, ZERRES, TUZZI, MARLIES MÖLLER, JUVENA or also L'OREAL. We introduce him here with four editorials on GoSee. The first of which is his beauty editorial January 2017 with model Anne Wunderlich for HARPER'S BAZAAR. Hair & make-up: Christian Schild.
NEWS // 30.03.2017 // GoSee loves ... Sonia Sieff 'Les Françaises' - a sensitive portrait series of young French women. An exhibition in A Galerie in Paris and as an illustrated book at Rizzoli
// Oh la la! Sonia Sieff presents with 'Les Françaises' an oeuvre of 150 portraits of naked women - dancers, actresses, models or just girlfriends. The daughter of famous photographer Jeanloup Sieff photographed her protagonists at Paris landmarks such as Opera Garnier, but also in the countryside and secluded in the salon. Without poses and the use of filters, Sonia set out to capture the pure beauty of the women. "French women by heart or by birth, they offer me their beauty, their an…
NEWS // 05.10.2016 // GoSeeAWARDS16 NUDE : MERIT for 'The Concrete Series' by Schall & Schnabel
// The SCREENINGS winner from last year also managed to excite the jury this year. In this category, they presented their latest work: 'The Concrete Series' is a nude sequence, that explores the contrast between the human body and the dehumanized material concrete... The project was on display this summer in Berlin and was presented GoSee .
BLOG // 9 files // Laurence Miller Gallery, in partnership with Asia Week New York, presents Toshio Shibata – Harmony (March 9 – April 29, 2017)
// Toshio Shibata’s connections with Japanese artistic tradition are intriguing. He purposefully went against the grain of the traditional Japanese concept of landscape, yet his viewpoint is unmistakably Japanese. His work has a strong connection with the way classical Japanese architecture…
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