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MINI 'John Cooper Works' production by Emir Haveric c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN and SONDA Production. Photos & Film on GoSee

SONDA Productions presents the results of a successful collaboration with photographer EMIR HAVERIC and Klein Photographen for MINI John Cooper Works. The creative concept, developed by Christian Wölky (Jung von Matt) and AD Morris Scheffler (Battery), took the team from SONDA Productions to three different vintage racetracks: the "Circuito de Albacete in Spain, as well as to France and the circuits" Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry "and" Reims ".

The incomparable interior of the pits was realized by Arndt von Hoff in a precise and controlled way, not least by using individual imported pieces from Germany. The production was rounded off by a unique casting, which was in the hands of GoSee member SOLOMON & WINTER, with styling by Irina Skladkowski c/o LIGANORD. The digital post production was under the executive of Tom Schulte (ZOOT) in real time on location.

SONDA was also on a mission of producing a film with different camera units, the concept of which, developed by Emir Haveric and Kreativteam, delivered a visually impressive result we would like to present to you too. Werner Dursteler would like to thank his clients Anita Skocic, Head of Global Marketing Campaigns & CoC Artwork MINI, and Jil Aumaître, Project Manager MINI Brand Management, on behalf of SONDA Productions for the trust they put in them.
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From the desert to the Arctic Ocean - transportation photographer Emir Haveric shoots with SONDA Productions for AUDI Q5

SONDA Productions was once again hired by EMIR HAVERIC c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN, and this time for the new AUDI Q5. "The SONDA team was delighted to provide its production services with the usual dedication and experience in a selection of new and interesting photography locations," says the SONDA team.

Responsible for communication of the brand were THJNK with Creative Director Roman Lukowski and KOLLE REBBE with Creative Director Benjamin Allwardt. The photo locations delivered by SONDA took the team from the desert in the middle of Spain to Andalusia and Valencia, Paris and La Camargue in France to even the island group Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean. In Svalbard, the team led by Emir Haveric worked all night, because the sun does not go down there this time of year. Five snowmobiles were required plus equipment for temperatures below zero so the team could work there. "Unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to see a single polar bear, but the beauty of the landscape and the commitment of each individual more than made up for it and gave us unforgettable moments."
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MINI Countryman production (photos: Emir Haveric) in Sweden and Norway – produced by SONDA Productions

EMIR HAVERIC was the photographer of choice for the international campaign of the new MINI Countryman. SONDA tells us about the elaborate production "The team spent a total of 40 long production days in Sweden and Norway, 27 days of which were full of photo shoots, which took the team from Stockholm to the island of Lofoten in northern Norway fulfill the visual demands of the macroproduction, which was supervised by three advertising agencies: Jung von Matt with Marc Isken & Christof Deutscher, Battery with Jan-Hendrik Munzert, and KKLD with Franziska Schwarz The SONDA team had the honor of traveling more than 5000 km, spending several sleepless nights and take it to their limit to always find the best locations with the perfect light that match this great international publication."
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