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Joe Hoelzl c/o DAGMAR STAUDENMAIER photographs the 7-Series BMW M760Li – 600 PS with a matt bronze metallic paint

For the BMW model series catalog, Joe Hoelzl photographed the all-wheel drive 7-Series M760Li with 600 PS (592 hp) under the bonnet. In the studio production, the transport specialist focused entirely on the powerful design of the 7-Series vehicle and staged it in a dark ambience to underscore the sporty character of the car. The precision light control by the photographer accentuates the matt bronze metallic paint of the super 7-Series. Design details were created in cooperation with Serviceplan Hamburg.
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AUDI A6 ALLRAD QUATTRO in CGI - staged by Joe HOELZL c/o Dagmar Staudenmaier Photographers

With an expressive portrait series and a CGI automotive spread, transportation specialist Joe Hoelzl demonstrated his versatility in the harmonious production of people and vehicle. The underlying idea of the portrait series was to stage unusual characters with powerful expressions. The photographer chose dramatic lighting effects for a more three-dimensional look and feel.
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Portrait series by Joe HOELZL c/o Dagmar Staudenmaier Photographers

In his personal CGI series, the AUDI A6 allroad quattro was staged in an excitingly mysterious surrounding. “Being cursed with pouring rain during the shoot of the background motif and the sphere was somehow also a blessing which helped underscore the dramatics of the photos with interesting reflections.” Joe Hoelzl explains. 3-­D realization: Christoph Kuhn.
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