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Steffen Schrägle : photographs for NISSAN Europe & NISSAN USA and produces with THIRD FLOOR COMPANY CGI cars and pack shots for NISSAN-X-TRAIL, plus the MICRA launch

GoSee is delighted to present you a few highlights from 2016 and a first preview of works by transportation photographer STEFFEN SCHRÄGLE in 2017. First off, Steffen Schrägle photographed various projects for NISSAN EUROPE and NISSAN USA, including the backplates for the Qashqai and the Murano in Lisbon plus the X-Trail in Austria. Steffen and his CGI firm THIRD FLOOR COMPANY also produced the CGI vehicles for the respective campaigns.

Plus they produced the CGI pack shots for the NISSAN X-Trail and the launch of the new Micra. Steffen Schrägle also photographed an array of portfolio images in Spain – showcasing Jeep, Honda, Fiat as well as Mercedes. We have all that and several impressions from his Alpine tour, from which he has brought home photos of beautiful misty roads for you here on GoSee.
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STEFFEN SCHRÄGLE presents a portfolio update with transportation and lifestyle topics on the KIA SPORTAGE with photos and film

For his portfolio update, photographer STEFFEN SCHRÄGLE realized multifaceted transportation and lifestyle motifs in a shoot which took place in fantastic weather at various locations in and around Barcelona. The focus was on three different stories, which all had one thing in common: the new KIA Sportage. In addition to the portfolio photos, a film was also made for which Steffen created the concept, and the video was produced by Johannes Kruse.
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New lifestyle pictures by STEFFEN SCHRÄGLE

This new personal lifestyle spread by photographer STEFFEN SCHRÄGLE came into being with the producers Randy and Ruzanna from 'Hi, I’m Roger' on a tour through the beautiful mountain landscape of Santa Barbara near Los Angeles, USA. Surrounded by picturesque vineyards, enchanting mountain ranges and a professional team, he succeeded in capturing the magical californian sun perfectly for his motifs.
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