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Fashion shoots for ATELIER PETER NITZ & EZGI CINAR by Zurich-based photografpher duo KARINE & OLIVER c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS

The representation of KARINE & OLIVER is delighted to present the results of two productions by the Zurich-based photographer duo for two Swiss labels on GoSee: For ATELIER PETERNITZ, the photographers focused on the finest of leather handbags at the shoot, and for Swiss designer EZGI CINAR, they staged the latest collection of stunning, handmade dresses as skillfully as usual. We have the motifs for you on GoSee.
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LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS and SPECTR EYEWEAR MAG - new beauty, hair & fashion motifs by photographer Sabine LIEWALD c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS for you on GoSee

Enjoy the beauty, hair & fashion photo spreads by photographer Sabine LIEWALD c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS for the Salon Beauté edition from LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS as well as the pretty crochet collars in the fashion editorial 'Granny Style' for SPECTR EYEWEAR magazine.

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We make everyone safer in Switzerland' - Markus MUELLER c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS photographs the AXA ROAD SAFETY campaign; we have a motif for you on GoSee

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