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WILDFOX RUNNING welcomes fashion, still life & kids photographer Sabrina RYNAS from and looks forward to seeing you at their WILDFOX RUNNING booth at UPDATE17BERLIN !

WILDFOX RUNNING new entry Sabrina RYNAS from Hamburg is a multitalent and started her career with advertising and still life photography. For some time now, she has concentrated additionally on fashion, beauty & kids motifs. We bring you a first insight into her latest works here on GoSee. More is coming soon on GoSee – or is available at their congenial WILDFOX RUNNING booth at UPDATE17BERLIN on 6 October, 2017.
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The old issue 'Fear of Speaking' - illustrated for DIE ZEIT by artist Stefan MOSEBACH c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

For DIE ZEIT, Stefan MOSEBACH c/o WILDFOX RUNNING illustrated a motif on the topic of the ’Fear of Speaking’. The illustrator also displays her work in the Gudberg Nerger Gallery in Hamburg. Further details via his Frankfurt-based reps.
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Stefan MILEV c/o WILDFOX RUNNING films the trailer for the upcoming 22/4 HOMMES FEMMES collection by designer Stephanie Hahn

An interplay of light and shadows, with finger gestures and fuzziness – the image film for the label 22/4 HOMMES FEMMES from Düsseldorf-based designer Stephanie Hahn was shot by Stefan MILEV c/o WILDFOX RUNNING – and makes you uber-curious to see the collection of the young and successful German fashion label.

About - fashion brand 22/4. Designer Stephanie Hahn began her business structure with a qualified production team for both the mens and womenswear collections in 2009 and in 2011 she was invited to present her collection in Paris by the Fédération Française de la Haute Couture et de la Mode. She continues to present her handmade collection as part of the official Paris men's calendar.

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