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THE NORTHMAN out now ! – Nadav KANDER c/o LGA MANAGEMENT portrayed Director Robert Eggers for THE NEW YORKER

Nadav Kander photographed director, screenplay writer and set designer Robert Eggers for THE NEW YORKER. THE NORTHMAN is the new film with a world-class cast by the director of ‘The Witch’ or ‘The Lighthouse.’ The Viking epic, filmed in Ireland and Iceland, is an echo of the Amelth saga, which also served as the inspiration for Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’.

Viking Prince Amleth had to witness how his father was murdered by his uncle – and swears to exact bloody revenge. Appearing in the lead roles are Alexander Skarsgård as the son of King Aurvandil and Queen Gudrún (Ethan Hawke and Nicole Kidman), alongside the legendary Anya Taylor-Joy…


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