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news ‘By the Sea - The World of the Coast’ - an illustrated look & find book (Gerstenberg Publishing) with illustrations by Martin HAAKE c/o 2AGENTEN

There is a new look & find book by Martin HAAKE c/o 2AGENTEN. It’s called ‘By the Sea – The World of the Coast’ and invites readers on a journey to the coasts of the world with detailed maps, thrilling stories and plenty of astonishing facts – with elaborate pictures to browse through, and simply, be amazed.

“Why is the tide sometimes high and sometimes low? Who discovered America before Columbus? And when did people start loving the sea? This large-format book shows and explains the fantastic coastal world – a very special strip where water meets land that has shaped life on our planet since ancient times. Each page takes us along the oceans of the world, from the Wadden Sea to Waikiki, from Brighton to the Barrier Reef, from the times of the great sailing vessels to the challenges our oceans face today. Along the way, we encounter legendary pirates, terrifying sea monsters, sailors on shore leave, and a friendly sloth in the Brazilian coastal rainforest. An adorably beautiful look...

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