MAGROUND supports the FIAT ABARTH 500E campaign with backplates and HDR domes

When it comes to creating compelling and realistic automotive visualizations, MAGROUND is the go-to address for exclusive images. They recently had the opportunity to collaborate with FIAT Abarth and delivered high-quality image content for marketing visuals of the new 500e.

The challenge : Fiat Abarth was set to launch their new 500e, an electric vehicle – combining the iconic design of the brand with sustainable mobility. To do so, they needed eye-catching visual content that would not only showcase the design of the cars, but was also in sync with the brand’s sustainability commitment while touching upon the dynamic motorsport heritage of Abarth…

Buenos Aires Japan Korea MAGROUND Media: 4 C: 1148

Engineered for years. Built for generations. - FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH stage the PIECH GT MASTERPIECE PROTOTYP, aka the new electric luxury sport coupé by the PIECH Automotive AG

Creative duo FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH realized a day and night shoot with the prototype of the electric luxury sport coupé PIECH GT.

“We met founder Toni Piech and the leading development and marketing team of the PIECH Automotive AG to produce the first imagery of this Masterpiece, which is scheduled to have it’s official market launch in 2024.” FRITHJOF OHM