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news featured by Hetzner Produktion Where ambition sometimes meets action – HETZNER PRODUKTION presents you the POLESTAR spot ‘SET IN STONE’, the second chance for the global automotive industry at the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference

In November, 2021, the UN Climate Change Conference took place in Glasgow. And POLESTAR was there. To write everything down. Set in stone, so to speak. The idea was to preserve all climate goals of the automobile manufacturers for the generations to come, by engraving them in marble. Things turned out differently than planned.

The spot presented here was made by Director Patrik Johäll and DOP Andreas Nilsson, both c/o SUPERSTUDIO. It was produced by HETZNER PRODUKTION. The idea for the spot came from the Swedish agency F&B, personally represented by Chanelle Kazemi Fard, Fredrik Jansson and Julia Holtback Yeter.

“In 2021, we launched ‘Set in Stone’ during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow. Polestar engraved their clear climate action commitments in stone and urged the rest of the car industry to do the same. Though a lot was said at the conference, only a handful of car brands were ready to commit to something even close to what would be enough. What was...

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