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news featured by KRISTINA KORB GMBH Recently deceased politician Wolfgang Schäuble on the cover of FOCUS magazine – photo by Anatol KOTTE c/o KRISTINA KORB

‘His Legacy. Farewell to the best chancellor that Germany never had’ – For its memorial cover, FOCUS relied on a motif by Anatol KOTTE c/o KRISTINA KORB.

FOCUS writes for the interview : “For 50 years, Wolfgang Schäuble was a member of parliament, served as the fraction chairman and head of the CDU party, as well as Minister of the Interior, Minister of Finance and President of the German Bundestag, which he looks upon once more from his office. With indeed more political foresight than anyone else.”

CDU legend Wolfgang Schäuble lived to the age of 81. He is honored in obituaries as a great democratic statesman, as an architect of German re-unification and as an intellectual mastermind. Up until his death, he was a member of Bundestag for the CDU party. Having suffered from cancer for many years, he passed away peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his family on 26 December, 2023.

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