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news ANNE GERICKE – workshop and gallery for jewelry in Munich with timeless stills by Sarah FÜRBRINGER c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL

Sarah Fürbringer c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL staged jewelry by ANNE GERICKE from Munich in timeless motifs.

What do I want to wear? And why? What makes this gem so special? How do I shed the best light on it and who will discover it for themselves? A carefully curated selection, radical decisions and skilled craftsmanship are all bundled into pieces of jewelry at ANNE GERICKE : PIECES according to the designer are meant to be trouvailles. Because that is the only way their power can unfold. The power to reveal the beauty of a person. Which is why the splendor of jewelry made by ANNE GERICKE is only apparent upon second glance. The first is unnoticeably directed at the person wearing it. This is just how beautifully the designer from Munich describes her PIECES collection.

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