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news featured by Michael Mueller Fotografie MICHAEL MUELLER presents ‘Athletic Training In the Gym’ – photo shoot for ENGELHORN SPORTS at a crossfit gym in Cape Town on commission for Nuts Communication

We accompanied MICHAEL MUELLER while lifting weights at the gym for the client ENGELHORN SPORTS. “The air at the crossfit studio is filled with a smell of chalk and sweat. Against gravitation, heavy weights are moved by pure muscle power. Pull by pull, exhaustion drains away the strength. Then with a loud noise, the heavy dumbbell falls to the ground. The morning sun standing low on the horizon shines through the tiny windows of the crossfit box in Cape Town. Today, fitness and crossfit are on the schedule. Model Dorian is in top shape, moving the weights up and down on cue with ease. The photographer and client are pleased; the two models are drenched in sweat and exhausted – time for breakfast.”

ENGELHORN SPORT is among the largest sports retailers in Europe. The online shop for fashion and sports has been known throughout Germany for many years. Several more outdoor, sports and lifestyle productions are available at

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