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featured by Avenger Photographers : Yvonne Catterfeld is the testimonial once more for the GABOR Shoe 2023 campaign – with photos by Jörg SCHIEFERECKE c/o AVENGER

‘It just has to click in all respects’ – my multi-talent Yvonne Catterfeld. Which AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS is delighted to confirm. Also, that Jörg SCHIEFERECKE got the chance once again to photograph the campaign for GABOR SHOES and realize the campaign TVC together with DOP Tanja Häring.

On set for hair & makeup was Saskia Krause c/o basics.berlin, and post production was in the hands of Raff Digital.

GoSee : avenger-photographers.com
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BRUTALISMUS 3000 with ‘Die Liebe Kommt Nicht Aus Berlin’ – the video for the song by DOP TANJA HÄRING for you on GoSee.News

Love doesn’t come from Berlin. – Brutalismus 3000 is the Slovakian duo Victoria Vassiliki Daldas and Theo Zeitner, who draw inspiration from the genres Gabber, Hardstyle, Punk and Wave. The raw, hard sounds of the new Berliners, mixed with synth sounds are produced by Theo Zeitner, and on point thanks to the vocals of multilingual singer Victoria Vassiliki Daldas.

The video for the first single of the debut album is thanks to director Leanne Mark & Soul Suleiman – supported by DOP TANJA HÄRING, who skillfully captured the brutal flair of the power duo in concise images.

As an homage to the absurdity and cinematic spirit of life in Berlin, the music video captures the relentless push-and-pull dynamic one may experience living in this city of lust, loneliness and blurred lines.

“With the brute force of Gabber and hardcore performances, they are just what a famished worldwide club community craving to finally party again following the pandemic, and for whom no sound could ever be merciless enough, has been waiting for. But that’s not all: Brutalismus 3000 also delivers the look of the minute, making them style icons among Generation Balenciaga.” Berliner Zeitung raves about the hip clubby It Couple.

The duo released its first tracks shortly before the pandemic back in 2020 which soon brought them plenty of attention with their crass genre mix.

GoSee : tanjahaering.com
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‘Iranian Solidarity’ : a VOGUE GERMANY Special - 8 women from the cultural landscape on the revolution and their wishes - a film by TANJA HÄRING (Director/DOP) on GoSee

In an interview series, VOGUE Germany presents eight women from the German culture, media and fashion industries. What they have in common is their Persian heritage and their solidarity with the people of Iran. In the interviews, they find words to express their wishes concerning the future of the country. To accompany the printed article, TANJA HÄRING produced these touching films as Director/DOP.

It is a very special project that is close to my heart, and it has been an incredibly impressive experience to meet these women and convey their message in images,” Tanja tells GoSee.

For months, we have been witnessing how people in Iran, who are protesting against the oppression of women by the regime and for their freedom, are being arrested by the dozen and how the terror regime does not even hesitate to issue death sentences. But amid all the sorrow and anger, there is still a feeling of transition and a cautious optimism in the Iranian community.

What makes this current women’s rights movement so special is that it is supported by large parts of the populationacross all genders, ethnicities, age groups and social classes.” says gallery proprietor Anahita Sadighi in the VOGUE Feature.

In front of the camera at Berlin’s historical Kant Garage were :
Paramida - DJ and producer
Shila Behjat - journalist and publisher
Leyla Piedayesh - fashion designer Lala Berlin
Enissa Amani - artist and human rights activist
Sepideh Ahadi - fashion designer
Melissa Khalaj - TV host
Ava Irandoost - director, video artist and DJ
Anahita Sadighi - gallery proprietor

Director & DOP: HÄRING
Creative Director: Maria Hunstig
Music: Addict Music
Styling: Alexandra Heckel
Hair: Helena Narra
Makeup: Natalia Soboleva

The project was under the executive of Maria Hunstig, Features Director at Vogue Germany. The story is part of the January/February 2023 issue of the magazine.

GoSee tanjahaering.com & VOGUE
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