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featured by Karina Asmus : Water Color – personal work by hair & makeup artist KARINA ASMUS

The spread ‘Water Color’ was photographed by Asja with the ‘light painting’ photography technique, an interplay of water color painting and photography.

“It’s fun to try out new things. I like to experiment and love the playful side of the spread.” KARINA ASMUS, hair & makeup artist.

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featured by BOSCHtoBANRAP : Not only a good idea for the holidays : Stephie BRAUN c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP photographs for AIR UP, the first scent-based drinking system in the world

Don’t forget to hydrate! –  Since 2017, the start-up by the name of air up GmbH, a spin-off of the Munich Technical Univerity, has been working on a bottle that flavors water by means of retronasal olfaction. That is, the water is transported to the mouth together with volatile gaseous flavorings which are separated from the water and perceived through retronasal olfaction.

“Drink only water, but experience flavor. The bottle, together with our pods, gives your water natural flavor through scent alone. Did you know that taste is perceived to a large extent by our olfactory receptors – where our brain interprets the scent ultimately as taste? Fascinating isn’t it? Precisely what we take advantage of: The flavors in our pods are perceived as taste while you drink. Completely automatically.” AIR UP.

For the equally innovative and ingenious beverage idea, Stephie BRAUN c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP photographed the motifs presented here.

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