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news featured by Bigoudi ‘JETZT’ – Joachim Baldauf c/o Agentur Neubauer photographs the campaign for NEONYT, the sustainability platform of the Frankfurt Fashion Week, with hair & make-up by Dennis BRANDT c/o BIGOUDI

Neonyt is the global hub for sustainable fashion and lifestyle during the Frankfurt Fashion Week. NEONYT writes : “Changing the world of fashion together – through collaboration, communication and entrepreneurship. That is our vision. That is why we have created this business and communication platform: Neonyt – the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation. With an international focus, it is the leading event of its kind worldwide.

Corona as a catalyst for sustainability? Over the course of the past year, we have experienced how well the transformation that the sustainable fashion industry and Neonyt stand for is already underway. Although consumers have been questioning their own behavior and where fashion comes from for quite some time, the global Covid-19 situation has accelerated the process. Change that would usually have taken years is suddenly becoming a reality. This is the opportunity for sustainable fashion. We have also learned how difficult it is to plan for...

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