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Abortion rights are human rights. – Dimitri NEWMAN c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT photographs THE EVERY BODY stills campaign

“The largest beauty industry-backed reproductive justice initiative to date.” – Los Angeles resident and still life expert Dimitri NEWMAN c/o ALYSSA PIZER photographed THE EVERY BODY stills campaign for the abortion rights initiative on commission for SAIE BEAUTY.

“Join us in protecting Every Body’s reproductive freedom – because abortion rights are human rights. In partnership with the SisterSong Reproductive Justice Collective, donate to protect reproductive freedom by shopping limited-edition products from over 35+ top beauty brands.” we read on the website.

“At Saie, our mission first and foremost is to create positive change for people and the planet. As a leader in this industry and a mother of two daughters, I can’t just sit back while our reproductive freedoms are taken away from all of us. I’m so grateful all of these brands jumped at the chance to take action together. It’s our responsibility to use our platforms to advocate for the right to govern our own bodies and create incredible change for birthing people everywhere.” Laney Crowell, Founder and CEO of Saie.

The SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective is the largest multi-ethnic collective of its kind in the US. Since 1997, SisterSong has worked to be a voice for reproductive justice on behalf of BIPOC communities. They activate individuals and organizations across the US to improve the reproductive lives of marginalized communities.

Background : On 24 June, landmark Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade was overturned, effectively endangering reproductive freedoms for people across the USA. “As an industry primarily founded by women, propelled by women and sustained by women, we believe that every birthing body should be able to decide if, when, how, and with whom they start or grow a family –safely and legally.” EVERY BODY.

100% of the proceeds from your purchases of any of the participating brands will go directly to The SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective.

GoSee : everybodycampaign.comalyssapizer.com
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