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A.L.E.X. – a personal project by photographer ANKE LUCKMANN

We are delighted to present you A.L.E.X., the latest personal work by photographer ANKE LUCKMANN : “A.L.E.X is a personal project for which I shot a portrait of Alex – a father, photographer, fighter, and friend.”

Post production was in the hands of TREY : “Special thanks to Max².”
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ANKE LUCKMANN on E-Fire ! The campaign for JULIUS BAER PRIVATE BANKING with Formula E pilots Lucas de Grassi, Pascal Wehrlein and António Félix da Costa on GoSee

Portrait & transportation photographer Anke Luckmann had the honor of accompanying three famous Formula E pilots behind the scenes during her campaign shoot – for which Lucas de Grassi, Pascal Wehrlein and António Félix da Costa granted Anke a glimpse at their technical prowess. The result is a series of 15 candid, authentic moments amid the highly focused, intensive preparation for the race.

Anke’s intuition, honed through years of experience, enabled her, upon aptly assessing the situation, to capture these moments up-close among the busy engineers of the TAG Heuer Porsche Team. Four campaign motifs can now be seen exclusively at Formula E races – and here on GoSee, we have the previously unreleased series from the pits.

For a decade now, JULIUS BAER has been committed to e-mobility : “The forward-thinking, innovative approach of Formula E resonates deeply with our corporate values. Considering the impact that our actions today will have on the next generation is central to both organizations. By partnering with Formula E, as well as the TAG HEUER Porsche Formula E Team, we want to support the transition towards electric mobility as a viable and sustainable alternative to existing technologies.”

Client: Julius Baer / Formula E
Creative Team: Dirk Weiskopf / Christian Mai
Art Buying/ Producer: Anke Laudien
Production: Falca
Post Production: Jenny Cremer
Testimonials: Lucas Di Grassi
Pascal Wehrlein - TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E
António Félix da Costa - TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E
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featured by TREY : Anke Luckmann photographs the BMW 7 Protection - with post production support from TREY

With the BMW i7 Protection, BMW is the first mass-production automaker to offer an armored version of a luxury sedan with an all-electric drive system in Europe, alongside its armored 7 Series Protection models. On the outside, the differences between BMW’s Protection models and their ICE-powered counterparts with M Sport package are quite discreet and ingeniously inconspicuous. And even the levels of ride comfort and spaciousness of the interior are said to hardly differ.

Anke Luckmann photographed the sedan for the agency Jung von Matt. On the job for post production was TREY Hamburg.

Ensuring the safety of passengers, in accordance with the VR9 protection rating, is the heart of the armor vehicle : the new BMW Protection Core, which comprises the model-specific self-supporting body structure made from armor steel – combined with features such as additional armoring for the doors, underbody and roof as well as armored glass.

Creative Director Leon Becker-Detert
Post Production TREY
Photographer Anke Luckmann

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