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news featured by BEN & MARTIN BEN & MARTIN, aka BAM, presents the exhibition ‘GUAYOTA – The Vanishing of Light’ at the Tête Gallery Berlin on 7 Oct., 2022. Save the date. Follow the light.

The photographer team BAM presents an art project created with Creative Director Anna Berlin in Tenerife alongside commissioned work. The opening of ‘GUAYOTA – The Vanishing of Light’ will take place on Friday, 7 October starting at 7pm at the Tête Gallery (Schönhauser Allee 161A, 10435 Berlin). Also appearing is a hardcover book on the project which began at the beginning of 2022.

Guayota was the name of an evil demon who lived within the Mount Teide volcano in the mythology of the Guanches, the indigenous inhabitants of Tenerife. The primitive people once gave the volcano the name Echeyde, which means hell or home of the demon.

‘GUAYOTA – The Vanishing of Light’… “According to legend, GUAYOTA, a malevolent deity, kidnapped the sun and locked it up inside Teide, plunging the world into darkness. By praying to the god Achamán, humans could save the sun by locking GUAYOTA up inside Teide, instead. In this modernized version of the saga, GUAYOTA is still, to this day, trying to escape...

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