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news | GoSee Tip : 'The Deconstructed Self' – Natalie Christensen photographs suburban everyday life in the American Southwest, an exhibition at Berlin's Galerie Minimal

“If an image leaves someone feeling a little bit uneasy, then I feel like that is a successful photograph,” says Natalie Christensen, named by the Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts as one of the “Ten Photographers to Watch”. Following exhibitions in London, New York and Los Angeles, the American photographer and psychotherapist now presents 'The Deconstructed Self' at Galerie Minimal in Berlin.

She finds her motifs in the banal scenes of the periphery of the American Southwest. Fascinated by the unmistakable light and crystal clear air, she composes photographs of suburban everyday life whose symbolism penetrates deeply into the subconscious.

The photographer on her series: “In 2014, I moved from the state of Kentucky to Santa Fe, New Mexico, leaving my lifelong home and my 25-year career as a psychotherapist behind. While it was an exciting moment it was also a time of questioning and reflection.

Like many artists who have come to New Mexico, I was immediately drawn to...

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