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news | featured by GoSee EVENT : PARIS PHOTO, FOTO FEVER, APPROCHE, OFF PRINT, THIERRY MUGLER in the Polka Gallery & PHOTO SAINT GERMAIN – GoSee correspondent Rolf Scheider on the road for you at the Paris Photo exhibitions and trade fairs in November 2019

Spoilt for choice? Not our Paris/Berlin correspondent Rolf Scheider. On the agenda this November 2019 were no less than five photo trade fairs – which he, of course, all visited. “One thing I did notice this year,” Rolf tells us looking back, “is that there are not only the photo trade fairs but also dozens of events like the ones we know from fashion shows.” And we can already imagine what his program for 2020 might look like... and here is a summery of his adventures – and, of course, plenty of photos that are alone enough to whet the appetite for a trip to Paris.

The highlight of Paris Photo in 2019 was probably the vernissage of Manfred Thierry Mugler in the POLKA GALLERY on the Rue Saint-Gilles, the creative epicenter in Marais and headquarters of the GoSee editorial office. Almost 2000 enthusiastic visitors pushed their way into the rooms of the gallery, to meet the somewhat long-in-the-tooth createur and get a glimpse of his photographs. Of course, all his favorite muses...

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