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‘THE DOLLS’ stands for over 200 pages of pure glam – the first book by fashion photographer Marco Ovando grants intimate insight into the life of the drag superstars celebrated worldwide, born in the glitz fireworks and melting pot of legendary TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race

Fashion photographer Marco Ovando is thrilled to announce the release of his first photography book ‘The Dolls’, featuring icons of the award-winning hit TV series RuPaul’s Drag Race. To do so, Ovando worked extensively with the drag artists during the popular ‘Werq the World Tour’, and most recently due to Covid-19, on the “Drive N’ Drag Tour”, where the stars are referred to by the team as ‘the queens’, but the girls themselves prefer to go by a different moniker – ‘the dolls’ – who really know how to get fans in their cars all hot and bothered on stage.

The press release tells us : “Throughout his career in fashion photography, spanning more than 25 years, Ovando has always been at the forefront of capturing the glamour of the drag world, including the very first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, now thirteen years ago. ‘The Dolls’ is a collaboration with Brandon Voss from Voss Events (producer of ‘Werq the World’ and ‘Drive N’ Drag’) which grants a glimpse at this fascinating world of drag and performances through the lens of Ovando’s camera.

Split into four sections, ‘The Dolls’ begins with portraits of the top drag queens Ovando has been capturing in the studio and on set for years. Among them are winners and fan favorites from the show : Aquaria (season 10), Yvie Oddly (season 11), Jaida Essence Hall (season 12), and Violet Chachki (season 7) who also graces the cover of the book. Readers then see the grandeur of the queens’ performance in the following sections ‘The Shows’ and ‘The BTS’ (behind the scenes), within which Ovando shares exclusive photos from the tours and the popular Las Vegas residency ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race Live’. Finally, the dolls appear in their element as guests – at premier events such as the Met Gala – plus the featured entertainment in the final section ‘The Parties’ with photos from fabulous parties around the world.

‘The Dolls’ is a must for any Drag Race super fan and photography enthusiast, providing an intimate window into this world of entertainers who are adored worldwide.” Available for $ 75.00, and with signature for $ 110.00. GoOrder : shop.vossevents.com//the-dolls-photography-book
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featured by Making Pictures : ‘Children of Covid’ Bex DAY c/o MAKING PICTURES examines the emotional, social and physical influence of Covid on a young generation growing up in the United Kingdom

Bex Day, a photographer and director residing in London, is now 28 and publishes her work regularly in magazines such as Vice, Garage, It’s Nice That or even Dazed and Confused. The spread presented here entitled ‘Children of Covid’ was recently published in ANOTHER magazine together with a text by Dominique Sisley. The photographs deal with the topic of the emotional and physical influence of Covid-19 on children between the ages of four and twelve in the UK.

We gladly quote : “With the UK slowly crawling out from its third national Covid lockdown, the focus is now shifting to the fallout. Over the last twelve months, reality as we know it has been razed to the ground, with shops, schools and social spaces shutting their doors and – where possible – moving online. These changes have been difficult for everyone, but particularly for children, who have been stuck in this digital, stimulus-starved existence for some of their most formative years. According to Unicef, Britain’s kids have lost up to 700 million days of school education since the pandemic began – so how will this affect them, both in the long and short term? It’s a question that Bex Day has been musing over.” Read the complete interview on the Net. GoSee : anothermag.com///covid-generation-portraits-of-the-uks-pandemic-children
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featured by GoSee SHOP : Legendary photographer teams up with international street art innovator MICK ROCK and FIN DAC present their project MIDARO at WEST CONTEMPORARY EDITIONS

West Contemporary is proud to announce the artistic collision of two of the international art market’s most influential working names, Mick Rock and Fin DAC. This is the first-ever collaboration for the two artists. Combining a decades-long honing of their respective crafts, photography and painting, both artists are in unprecedented demand, which makes this marriage of art a particularly poignant partnership. Separately enjoying a loyal global following and with available works being such a rarity, this fusion allows collectors and enthusiasts to finally see a much requested link-up which has produced coveted artworks as the first major open release of the year for both artists.

Globally known as The Man Who Shot The Seventies, Mick Rock has not only photographed the likes of Freddie Mercury, Madonna, The Ramones, Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, ‘The Rocky Horror picture Show’, The Sex Pistols, as well as more contemporary stars such as Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, Kate Moss, Lenny Kravitz, Janelle Monaie, and most recently Miley Cyrus – he has also received the personal accolade of being considered one of the greatest portrait photographers of our time.

Fin DAC, the only artist to be commissioned by the Frida Khalo Foundation, is the godfather of the ‘urban aesthetics’ look – a unique, non-conformist take on street art which has seen him work with establishments such as The Royal Albert Hall and O2 arena, and brands such as Armani, Red Bull and Ciroc. Delicately promoting Eastern cultural appreciation and a progressive approach to female empowerment unseen throughout the industry, the artist’s work is bold, brave and timeless.

Using the image-maker’s iconic photographs of David Bowie, Debbie Harry, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, a series has been globally released with four limited edition prints, each in a run of 51, to celebrate the number of Rock’s years in the industry (51) and are expected to sell out almost immediately. Along with the four print editions, West Contemporary is also releasing twelve signed limited edition photography artworks curated from Mick Rock’s archive for the collaboration.

Liam West, founder of West Contemporary : “We are humbled and honored to host this historic meeting of one of the greatest living fine art photographers and street art’s most impressive and innovative son. This is such a unique opportunity to celebrate two artists undoubtedly at the top of their respective games in the art world, and we are delighted to present yet another first for the domestic art market with this project entitled ‘MIDARO’.”

Fin DAC : “I am frequently asked to collaborate on projects with other artists (including artists I most admire), and more often than not, I have to say no : Time, perfectionism and commitment often work against me. However, when the Mick Rock project was first mooted to me, I knew I had to make time… however difficult that may be. I’m really excited by what we’re producing and am sure it will be received well by all.”

Mick Rock : “My first memorable photos were of Syd Barrett in 1969. It blows my brains into the ether to realize that I have been at this caper for so long… But I’m not quite ready to depart and still have the enthusiasm and the juice! As I write this, Miley Cyrus’ latest album, featuring my shoot on the cover and the packaging of ‘Plastic Hearts’, has entered the public sphere. In recent years, I’ve had a number of artists approach me about the possibilities of reworking some of my classic 70s images. Mostly, I’ve stayed away from them; I do my own art from my own images, and also, it just hasn’t felt right. Recently, the fabulous Fin DAC came into my orbit. He’s a fellow modern visual traveller whose work I have long admired. I found this to be very intriguing and jumped at the project… Many thanks to Liam West of West Contemporary for putting Fin and myself together and managing the results.”

GoSee : west-contemporary-editions.com
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