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Devil’s Fuge Part 2 – West Contemporary, known for its early appreciation of street art as an art form, is bringing its successful pop-up model (and several of the biggest names in contemporary art) to London’s world-famous Portobello Road – see the exhibition from 26 November through 4 December 2021. Because : Christmas is just around the corner !

The Devil’s Fuge Part 1 took place in Covent Garden in December 2019, a stunningly broad collection of original and limited edition artworks from globally acclaimed artists that captured the attention of the capital’s collectors and aficionados, and the attendance of leading creatives in their own right, including Ronnie Wood and Chef Tom Kerridge.

Now, the concept’s sequel, The Devil’s Fuge Part 2 (simply referred to as ‘The Devil’s Fuge’ once more), is being reignited in the beautiful art-led surroundings of Notting Hill. The stable of artists involved reads as a who’s who of celebrated contemporary 21st century artists, with one notable exception, the inclusion of one of pop art’s most celebrated and dearly departed icons. Featuring undisputed heavyweights Banksy, Keith Haring and Sex Pistols’ punk collaborator Jamie Reid, screen-print phenomenon Dave Buonaguidi, neon-queen Lauren Baker, the vintage voices of a post-truth world, The Connor Brothers – exciting and established young British talents in Carne Griffiths and Chloe Natalia and Kasabian frontman Serge Pizzorno’s alter ego, daft-apeth, each injecting an uncompromising and unforgettable merging of medium as serious collectors and first timers alike find a home and destination within one curation.

Artists have been chosen purposefully to be welcoming to those taking their first or their thousandth step into art and collection, with a cool, authentic and unapologetically unpretentious atmosphere guaranteed in gallery, just shy of Christmas.

Artist of the moment, Fin DAC, fresh from his sold-out show in Fitzrovia (a critical, commercial and cult success) will be using this exhibition as an opportunity to release the third installment of his ‘Fleur’ series, currently consisting of two sold-out releases and now with a third unquestionably pending. The artist will release in attendance at The Devil’s Fuge at a time TBC.

Open to the public : The Devil’s Fuge West Contemporary Editions at J/M Gallery, 230 Portobello Road, London W11 1LJ, Friday 26th November – Saturday 4th December, 11am–6pm Mon–Friday, 11–7pm on Saturdays and 11–5pm on Sunday.
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featured by NERGER M&O : A house call with Loretta Würtenberger and Daniel Tümpel at Schwante Castle in Brandenburg – Wolfgang STAHR c/o NERGER M&O photographs the cover story for SALON magazine

Two former investment bankers are financing dealers extraordinary works of modern art with private capital. Instead of interest, they receive profit shares from the dealers. An unusual business concept that is quite successful : The art dealer receives a tempting offer, but there is no money for a quick purchase – and the bank is not playing along.

To prevent the dream from becoming a nightmare, the Berlin-based company Fine Art Partners offers financing services. The company is owned by the couple Loretta Würtenberger (38) and Daniel Tümpel (39), both of whom are numbers people with a great passion for art, according to Handelsblatt.

They give art dealers money, and the artwork serves as security. Instead of interest, they receive profit shares from the dealers. The amount of the share is negotiable – and certainly, the quicker the artwork is sold, the better for the art dealer. If it takes longer, the share received by Fine Art Partners increases slowly but surely.

Wolfgang STAHR c/o NERGER M&O photographed a house call with Loretta Würtenberger and Daniel Tümpel in Schwante Castle in Brandenburg for SALON magazine.

GoSee : fineartpartners.comgosee.news/nergermao/reps/wolfgang-stahrnergermao.com
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featured by pavlovs dog : PAVLOV’S DOG : An exhibition & book presentation of ‘Fruit Sculptures’ by Henry Rox (1899-1967) as a Berlin premiere – a magnificently creative trip into the vegetable compartment with an ernest biographical background

In his gallery pavlov’s dog – popping up this time at Sankt Studio (Mittenwalder Strasse 15, 10961 Berlin) – Michael Biedowicz presents us the photographic imagery of Henry Rox (1899–1967) : “... a crazy revue with enigmatic wit and whimsical charm. It plays with disguise and parody and lives from simple and equally imaginative arrangements and stagings in which he casts the most diverse roles with various fruits and vegetables as the main characters. This is not a fruit still life in the old Flemish style. The fruits are not representatives of a particular statement, they have been chosen for their shape and size, and in their arrangement, they produce this all too normal scene. There is something playful in the image, in its composition, in the entire photographic work,” says Wolfgang Vollmer, photographer, artist, collector, curator and lecturer for photography.

“The ‘Photo Sculptures’ by Henry Rox are a powerful enlivenment of fruit scenarios. In the photos, one can sense an almost childlike delight in the surprising transformation, for example, when an apple becomes a human head with just a few movements. He creates a parallel world that is at once realistic and fictional, at once recognizable and illusionary – for here the apple lives and speaks, the banana is in motion, and the leek sings.”

Henry Rox was born under the name Heinrich Rosenberg as the third son of a Jewish merchant family in Berlin-Schöneberg in 1899. He studied art history and sculpture at various academies in Berlin. Rosenberg emigrated to London in 1934 with his wife Charlotte and a few belongings, where they changed their names to Henry and Lotte Rox. He began to draw, make models and photograph there. With his idiosyncratic photographs, he succeeded in developing and publishing children’s books. He made a name for himself as Henry Rox. In 1938, he and his family emigrated to America, where he was able to accept a temporary position as a sculpture teacher in 1939. From then on, he lived in South Hadley, a small town 150 kilometers northwest of Boston. 

For a musical film (Strike Up the Band, 1940) with Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney, he constructed an animated fruit orchestra. Henry Rox served as a lecturer in sculpture for more than 25 years at the Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley. In 1967, two years after retirement, Henry Rox passed, followed by his wife Lotte four years later. His oeuvre was forgotten. Cologne-based photographer and collector Wolfgang Vollmer dedicated his work particularly to the rediscovery of the photographic oeuvre of Henry Rox. He has researched his life and work and meanwhile administrates part of his estate.

For the exhibition and book presentation, a keynote took place at 7pm on 20 November, 2021, by Wolfgang Vollmer, publisher of the book and estate administrator of Henry Rox.

Henry Rox ‘Fruit Sculptures’
pavlov’s dog popping up at Sankt Studio, Mittenwalder Strasse 15, 10961 Berlin.
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