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featured by Play : PLAY STUDIOS HAMBURG presents the Friday Rewind pop-up exhibition on 12 April 2024 at 7pm with emotional portraits by FERGUS PADEL – ‘Her love lies in her portraits of people and nature and time’

Following a longer break, the next Friday Rewind event at Hamburg’s PLAY Studios is just around the corner. The pop-up exhibition will showcase works by Fergus Padel on 12 April 2024. Doors open at 7pm.

“Dear Friends of Friday Rewind, it is time for a very special reunion. We are delighted to welcome you to the next edition of our Friday Rewind event – this time, presenting the works of magnificent photographer Fergus Padel. ‘Her love lies in her portraits of people and nature and time.’ This love of people and things is the very force that creates order in her photographs and is thus a pivotal element of her work. Fergus’ images seem, at first glance, like they could be pictures out of a private photo album, yet the way in which they touch us is deeply profound – and they are, moreover, of such enormous intensity. We look forward to an inspiring evening with you!” Christoph, Olaf and Thore.

FRIDAY REWIND, 12 APRIL 2024 – 7pm
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‘Human//Nature’ by Astrid Verhoef, an ode to imagination itself, presented in a solo exhibition at Atelier K84 by Koster Fine Art Gallery Amsterdam

Astrid Verhoef explores the connection between humans and nature in the most solitary places on Earth. With ‘Human//Nature’, she has created an almost religious experience. She travels the world to find such secluded places, and her photographs are self-portraits printed in a limited edition.

In cooperation with Atelier K84 in Amsterdam, Koster Fine Art Gallery is hosting a solo exhibition by Dutch fine art photographer Astrid Verhoef from 5 April through 11 May 2024. For the first time, the gallery is presenting an extensive survey of her award-winning series ‘Human//Nature’ with surreal black and white photographs shot in locations in the Netherlands, Spain and the US. The exhibition will be on display at Atelier K84, an inspiring art space in the heart of Amsterdam.

“A true urbanite, Astrid Verhoef explores her personal connection to the natural world. The complicated relationship between humans and nature is a common thread throughout her work. When she places herself in desolate landscapes, an anonymous character arises that wants to connect with her surroundings. However, her roots in contemporary modern life often remain visible in the form of an artificial element. The serene images can be seen as emotional translations where the desire for synergy is challenged by an urge to control.

The long-term project ‘Human//Nature’ is a logical continuation of Verhoef’s well-known series ‘Inscapes’. With an increasingly minimalist visual language and more and more geometrical approach to composition, she aims to emphasize the contrast between the human presence and the natural. At the same time, she stages a scene, creating a moment that can only exist because of the combination of the two. Her theatrical photography is also an ode to imagination itself,” the gallery tells us about the exhibition.

Astrid Verhoef, born in Amsterdam in 1973, studied photography at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Since 1998, she has been working as a fine art photographer and artist, but also regularly as curator over the last decade. Her staged photography has garnered international acclaim as part of the collection of the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris and has been frequently shown at exhibitions in Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, New York, Paris, Rotterdam, Sydney, and Tokyo. Koster Fine Art Gallery has presented the artist’s work at FotoFestival Naarden as well as at leading art fairs including KunstRAI and PAN in Amsterdam.

Exhibition at Atelier K84 from 5 April – 11 May 2024.
Keizersgracht 84h in Amsterdam
Opening hours: Fridays and Saturdays from 12pm – 6pm, and by appointment

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‘Utopians – Visionary People’ - a new book of portraits by photographer Felix Lammers & makeup artist Yasmin Heinz - book presentation & signing on 15 March 2024 in Berlin

Berlin-based photographer Felix Lammers and visagist Yasmin Heinz, who lives in London, are celebrating the publication of their photo book ‘Utopians – Visionary People’, a creative snapshot of our time and its longing.

Over 200 pages of striking portraits of pioneering individuals from the worlds of art, culture, and science, who share their unique utopian visions with readers. These aesthetic icons and groundbreaking innovators represent various areas including activism, architecture, fashion, film, nature, music, science, sports, and street art. Among them are acclaimed actors Clemens Schick and Albrecht Schuch, comedic genius Gayle Tufts, the cult DJs Itamar Asher and Cosmic Caz as well as the energetic Twiin Dance Company, the vibrant Ukrainian Cultural Community of Berlin, and the inspiring Paralympic Champion Florence Garrett. 

The project by the creatives unfolded across two distinct locations, Berlin and London, capturing the urban atmosphere of these two melting pots and documenting the lives of their protagonists during a time of radical transitions.

Felix Lammers: “As a portrait photographer, I am always fascinated with capturing the magic moment when the nature of a person reveals itself. Throughout my international career, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with highly talented people. Whether for campaigns with high-end clients in the fashion and beauty industry or editorials for prestigious magazines, I love working in teams. Yasmin and I, through our a long-term collaboration, have developed a deep creative synergy and created many impressive images. Our latest venture ‘Utopians’ takes this dynamic to a whole new level.”

Yasmin Heinz: “Having lived and worked as a makeup artist in New York and Paris, I am based in London. I love to be among those out there, the so-called outsider creative street artists known for breaking boundaries. It was amazing to meet all these visionary people during our new project. Transforming them into utopian artworks was the biggest challenge for me.”

Book presentation & signing: Friday, 15 March 2024, 6pm – 10pm
Attending the event: Thomas Bading, Albrecht Schuch, Lazlo Fanning among others
Location: The Lovers & Leaders Space, Torstraße 101, 10119 Berlin

‘Utopians – Visionary People’ by Felix Lammers & Yasmin Heinz
Design: Printkultur (Munich, Germany), preface: Joachim Baldauf, interview: Melissa Moore, retouch: Valentina D’Ettore, size: 18 x 27 cm, large softcover, approx. 200 pages, price: 45 EUR, ISBN: 978-3-9824241-94, limited edition of 600 copies. The book can be ordered at: www.utopians.land.

For further information, please contact Nadine Dinter PR at www.nadine-dinter.de.
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