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‘PARADISE, PERFORMANCE, REPLICA. SLOVENIAN PHOTOGRAPHIC ART’ – three contemporary artists from Slovenia on display at Fotografie Forum Frankfurt (through 07 January, 24)

With multiple exhibitions each year, the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt (FFF) presents the entire breadth and depth of the versatile medium and the broad spectrum of artistic positions. Celebrating Slovenia’s appearance as guest of honor of the 2023 Frankfurt Book Fair, the exhibition PARADISE, PERFORMANCE, REPLICA. SLOVENIAN PHOTOGRAPHIC ART is on display from 07 Oct – 07 Jan, 2024).

The playful use of repetition, staged roles, how we view our surroundings: As examples of contemporary photography from Slovenia, the FFF is showcasing three artists who are testing the limits of photography through experimentation.

In her series ‘Birds of Paradise’, Vanja Bućan (*1973, Nova Gorica) challenges traditional roles of women, historically depicted as housekeepers, with staged surrealistic compositions. Motherhood, cutting food, spilled milk, a life revolving around the stove and table, exhaustion, mending things… beauty and decoration are the hallmarks of daily domestic chores depicted in her work.

Vanja : “Birds of Paradise addresses the role of women as domestic workers and, in particular, the invisibility and devalued routine of housework. Women are historically depicted as housekeepers, a position which has not changed throughout history and which has been a pillar of patriarchal norms and home economics to this day. Confinement of women to the kitchen, as their so-called place, to doing unpaid work is an outgrowth of economic domination – the most powerful tool of a patriarchal society.”

In his installations, Jošt Dolinšek (*1997, Ljubljana) examines the visual perception of the environment and its effects, particularly landscapes and nature. In his work, the young artist is less concerned with environmental crises and their causes than, much more fundamentally, with the existential and individual relationship to time and space. Dolinšek experiments with various media, materials and shapes, combining photography with moving images, sound and sculpture.

Since the 1980s, Bojan Radovič (*1960, Novo mesto) has explored the phenomenon of repetition, the copy and reproduction, as well as the fascinating diversity of meaning and variation found in such ‘replica’. Alongside his artistic work, Radovič is a key figure of the Slovenian photography industry, as an exhibition curator, publisher and founder of the photography institutions Fotogalerie Novo mesto and House of Photography.

Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, Braubachstr. 30–32, 60311 Frankfurt 
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featured by Sven Jacobsen : SVEN JACOBSEN presents a snapshot of his ‘Color Studies’, the new art project by the photographer and director on GoSee

Photographer and Director SVEN JACOBSEN (*1969) is known for capturing the authenticity of his motifs through timeless snapshots. His photography is marked by a deep appreciation of simplicity.

Here on GoSee, SVEN JACOBSEN presents his new project, on which he has been working for quite some time. They’re photos of his which he has treated with acrylic paint. “The effect of the images, in my opinion, goes from real to surreal upon applying the paints in a mélange of reality and fantasy – spawning new narratives and fantasies. At times, creating the impression that the colors indeed existed in real life,” Sven tells GoSee. The images are available for purchase and in any format.

Sven finds joy in simple things as well as in the beauty of the moment. Emotionality, lightness and authenticity are first and foremost throughout Sven’s creative process as he strives to uncover the essence of his topics, foresee imperfections, and convey a sense of truth.

Through his emotional atmospheric style, Sven’s images pay homage to a world often overlooked, yet still very present. His visual language challenges the modern-day obsession with perfection – capturing in its place the beauty of real life.

At Hatje Cantz Publishing, he published his photo book ‘Like Birds’ about the carefree time of youthful self-awareness and a summer full of adventure. His personal portrait ‘Back to Mama’ appeared at the renowned publishing house Kehrer, and his series ‘Personal Icons’ was on display at the Hamburg Congress Center as part of an XXL exhibition in the public space. It was subsequently published in a photo book by Seltmann Publishers. His works have been nominated for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, and he has held exhibitions, among other places, at Circleculture (Hamburg and Berlin).

GoSee : svenjacobsen.com
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Steve McCurry: Devotion - the new book of photos by the Magnum photographer (Prestel Publishing) explores human spirituality in all its diversity and beauty

I think the best photos stay with you; they’re something that you can’t forget. The ones that tell a story, … that evoke some emotion.” Steve McCurry replied when asked what makes a good photo during the presentation of his new book on 14 November, 2023 at the Amerikahaus in Munich.

Steve McCurry’s photographs reflect his passionate exploration into the complex and multilayered nature of the human being. Of all contemporary photographers, he is perhaps the one with the most extensive archive, having captured human existence in all its facets.

His most recent work focuses on the spiritual dimension of the human experience and presents sensitive images themed upon faith and belief, devotion and dedication, loyalty and faithfulness – basic values lived and cultivated in all cultures and religions of the world. In this opulent book of impressive photographs, McCurry explores an essential core of human existence as well as the universal longing to discover meaning in the midst of everyday life.

PICO LYER is a novelist, essayist and journalist, who is also famous for his travel writing, exploring at the same time both the inner and outer worlds. He is the author of several books on the topic of globalization, and prestigious magazines in the United States have published his articles, including Time, The New Yorker, the Los Angeles Times, and the Financial Times. For more than 30 years, he has been a friend of the Dalai Lama. Pico Lyer was born in England as the son of Indian parents and was raised in California from the time he was seven years old until he returned to the United Kingdom to study. Today, he lives in Japan. 

STEVE MCCURRY has been one of the most iconic figures in contemporary photography for more than five decades. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, McCurry studied cinematography at Penn State University, before going on to work for a newspaper. McCurry’s images were among the first to show the world the brutality of the Russian invasion. Since that time, McCurry has created unforgettable images on all seven continents and in numerous countries. His body of work covers conflicts, vanishing cultures, ancient traditions, and contemporary culture alike – yet always retains the human element. He has been recognized with several of the most prestigious awards in the industry, including the Robert Capa Gold Medal. Most recently, the Royal Photographic Society in London awarded McCurry the Centenary Medal for Lifetime Achievement, and in 2019, McCurry was inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame.

Find further stops on his ‘Devotion’ tour across Europe at stevemccurry.com. STEVE MCCURRY is represented by GoSee Member LGA MANAGEMENT.

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