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news Street art on the topic of ‘Subway’ for AMAZON LOGISTICS in Berlin Mariendorf including a film documentary and a gorilla for AMAZON Völkingen - delivered right on time by the graffiti specialists from ARTMOS4

For the client AMAZON LOGISTICS, Marcus c/o ARTMOS4 had a double dose of action. The Berlin branch wanted extremely expressive graffiti on the topic of ‘Subway’ for its impressive distribution hall. Marcus and his fellow Berlin artists went to work, and the result are street art-style images. To go with it, a PR/documentary video was shot, which presents a thrilling account of the design steps and the location.

Things got even wilder at the Völklinger branch, whose mascot is a monkey. So they, of course, sprayed a gorilla with an authentic jungle feeling. In Völkingen, packages from European logistics centers are delivered, unloaded, sorted and finally delivered to customers in Saarland and Western Palatinate. Further surfaces to embellish are still in planning.

Amazon sends packages using its own parcel service, Amazon Logistics, whenever the other logistics partners are running at capacity. For this purpose, the online retailer cooperates with small and mid-sized transport...

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