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Astrid M. Obert is an established and respected photographer in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

She has built her name by specialising in advertising, fashion, lingerie, and lifestyle photography.

Astrid radiates a modern Danish design aesthetic in line with new trends.

Productions with Astrid are professional and fun, with "a touch of crazily inspired pizzazz!"

"I strive to capture images that express emotions and bring people and situations to life".

She is relaxed, charming and a technical mastermind who gets the job done. 
Supported by a long career, she produces inspirational photography full of creativity, passion, and funk.

Her strengths include bringing the best out of her models & team supported by her longstanding professional career.

She has built a commercial customer base that includes established agencies and renowned lifestyle brands.

Astrid offers her customers the full range of production services required for a professional implementation of your ideas in the photo and advertising industry.

Through many years of experience and cooperation with international partners, she has developed a productive workflow, which allows her to meet your needs and achieve an optimal result.​

Astrid likes friendly people, good food, sunshine and everything that involves art and design.

She calls Munich and Cape Town her home, and she loves travelling and meeting new people and cultures.


Clients of ASTRID M. OBERT


BMW, Beiersdorf, Nivea, Westwing, Volvo, Belsana, Betty Barcley, Hudson, Falke, Samoon, Otto, Görtz, Sony, Tchibo, Stenzhorn Juwelen, Christ, Adler, Amosip, OWP Design, Metropolitan, Jobst, HUK Coburg, VIVA TV, VOX TV, FCB Wilkens, Hipp Campaign, Playboy Campaign, Givenchy, Lancôme, Douglas, GQ, Team7, Via Appia, Belly Button, Ulla Popken, Otto Kern


Hudson, Milestone, Minx Mode Sallie Sahne, Eddie Bauer, Stones, Falke, Samoon, Betty Barcley, Görtz, Otto Mea, Charles Vögele, Tchibo, Adler, Wehmeyer, Christ Ledermoden, Via Appia, Belly Button, Otto Kern


Amica, Burda Style, Donna, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Fokus,Eltern, Fit for Fun, FHM, Freundin, Glamour, Gala, GQ, Instyle, Jolie, Joy, Marie Claire, Matador, MAX, Maxim, Men's Health, Petra, Stern, TV Spielfilm, Weltbild, Wellfit, Vital, Woman, Gräfe und Unzer Verlag 


Belleza Mia Spain, Company UK, Cosmopolitan Italy, Cosmopolitan Sweden, Cosmopolitan France,  Eve UK, Elle CZ, Glamour Poland, Glamour UK, Damernas Sweden, Sante Magazine, Style Magazine UK, Hennes Sweden, Men's Fitness Russia, More Magazin UK, She UK, Zest UK