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Avenger Photographers / Sylvia Weinmann

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München, Stuttgart
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news Hollywood feeling at MARC CAINSEREGEL c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS photographs with cutting-edge tech in an LED studio

Christian Hoppe, aka SEREGEL c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS, photographed in an LED studio in front of high-res LED walls to bring a variety of Marc Cain worlds to life thanks to cutting-edge technology. This made global travel with different weather scenarios not only possible in no time at all but also child’s play. While outside there were thunderstorms and rain, Marc Cain made the sun rise in the LED studio or lit up the city night with its lights. Fulfilling the brief entirely and always fitting the looks to a tee.

With a total LED area of 350 square meters, the LED studio enables a 360-degree experience with special and unique qualities. During the film shoot in the LED studio, camera and background are directly connected.

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