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U17 CHAMPS - Cologne's up-and-coming soccer stars have won yet another German Championship - Thomas FÄHNRICH c/o BANRAP accompanied the boys on their path to victory for 1.FC KÖLN

The young soccer players from 1. FC Köln dethroned defending champion Borussia Dortmund to become German U17 champions now for the third time. Thomas SCHORN c/o BANRAP captured the nerve-racking path to this deserved victory with his camera and preserved it for eternity. The team led by Coach Martin Heck won against BVB in a close call with 3:2 (2:1) at the sold-out Rote Erde stadium in Dortmund. For the team from Cologne, it's now the third title for this age group following 1990 and 2011. Before taking home the title, the young team sent home the Bavarians in the semifinal match.
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'Downtown Red' - get a taste of Maastricht with the VW Golf, photographed by Thomas SCHORN c/o BANRAP for VOLKSWAGEN GERMANY and the agency GRABARZ & PARTNER

For Thomas SCHORN c/o BANRAP and a fiery red VW Golf, it was off to the winding streets of Maastricht this time. VOLKSWAGEN GERMANY presents the motifs on its social media channels under the executive of GRABARZ & PARTNER. Maastricht is a college town in the far south of the Netherlands. The city of Maastricht ranks second place in the Netherlands after Amsterdam with 1660 monument-protected buildings and is known as a carnival stronghold.
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Olympic Champion Fabian Hambüchen in the IT'S REAL! campaign for HNC - the HEALTHY NUTRITION COMPANY - photos by Thomas FÄHNRICH c/o BANRAP

For a sporty active lifestyle you need two things – fitness and good eating habits. Olympic champion Fabian Hambüchen shows us in the 'It's Real' campaign how far proper training can take you. Fabian Hambüchen is a former German gymnast. He achieved his greatest successes on the horizontal bar with the Olympic victory in 2016 and the world championship title in 2007, as well as taking home bronze at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and the silver medal in London in 2012. And although he was only able to train to a limited extent in preparation since 2012 due to inflammation of a torn tendon in his shoulder, Hambüchen sensationally took home the gold medal on the horizontal bar on 16 August 2016 at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Thomas FÄHNRICH c/o BANRAP photographed the sports star for the agency Butter and the client HNC HEALTHY NUTRITION COMPANY GmbH at the Phaeno Museum in Wolfsburg. HNC stands for high quality products that make sense for an active and healthy lifestyle. &

About - Phaeno. Phaeno's unusual experimenting stations let you put your senses to the test, make new experiences and motivates to explore mysteries on your own. Star architect Zaha Hadid designed the exhibition floor like a moving landscape with craters, terraces and plateaus. This extraordinary architecture reflects how our knowledge is also structured: Without predetermined paths, you stroll from one phenomenon to another and trip over things that you may not even have been looking for, enabling you to experience surprising moments which at times astonish you and at others appear enigmatic. GoSee :
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