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‘Two Sides of the Abyss’ – BILDERGUT post-produces teaser motifs for the RTL+ original series

In ‘Two Sides of the Abyss’, police officer Luise Berg meets the prematurely released murderer of her daughter. As soon as they let him go, a mysterious series of murders begins. The psychological multi-layered, six-part mini-series with Anne Ratte-Polle, Anton Dreger and Lea van Acken in the lead roles celebrated its streaming premiere on 8 May on RTL+.

The teaser motifs for the RTL+ original series ‘Two Sides of the Abyss’ were post-produced by BILDERGUT on commission for the Munich-based agency BDA Creative GmbH.

The mini-series has brought the creative forges RTL Deutschland and Warner Bros. Discovery together as a joint client for the very first time. The series is produced by Warner Bros. ITVP Deutschland GmbH. Creator and author was Kristin Derfler (‘Brothers’, ‘Your Life Belongs to Me’), who also served as the Creative Producer. It was directed by Anno Saul (‘Charité’ Season 2, ‘The World Stands Still’), and the producers are Verena Monssen and Bernd von Fehrn. Executive Producers are Nico Grein (RTL+) under the executive of Hauke Bartel (Division manager Fiction RTL Germany) as well as for Warner TV Series, Hannes Heyelmann and Anke Greifeneder, who is also chief editor.

RTL+ is RTL Germany’s cross-media entertainment platform operated by RTL interactive, which also offers the newly bundled RTL+ Music channel. The platform also features content of various RTL Germany stations, as well as content specially produced for the platform. This is complemented, since the first quarter of 2022, by series, films and originals from Warner Bros Discovery and its streaming service HBO Max.

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BILDERGUT in charge of retouch for the VERTICAL AEROSPACE ‘22 campaign

Vertical Aerospace is an aerospace manufacturer headquartered in Bristol, England, which designs and builds electrically powered, zero emission, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

Retouch for the Vertical Aerospace 2022 campaign was in the hands of BILDERGUT. The motifs were photographed by Nick Frank.

“We had the opportunity to team with with photographer Nick Frank to realize the 2022 campaign for Vertical Aerospace. The copter itself was shot using classic photography. The environment is made up of CGI as well as photos in some parts. But there was, however, also a lot of digital painting and illustrating afterwards.” BILDERGUT.

The company was founded in 2016 by Stephen Fitzpatrick, a former Formula 1 team owner and the founder and CEO of OVO Energy : “Vertical stands for pioneering electric flight, enabling a transition to the future of zero-carbon aviation. We aim to provide faster, quieter, greener and smarter ways for people to travel around cities and regions. The VX4 is an innovative piloted electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle that is designed and manufactured by Vertical. It is projected to have speeds of up to 200 mph, a range of over 100 miles, and is nearly silent when in flight with zero operating emissions. The decarbonization of transportation is critical for the future of our planet and the very reason why Vertical is so proud to be transforming mobility.”

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LOL – BILDERGUT post-produces the key motifs for the third season of ‘Last One Laughing’

LOL: Last One Laughing, or LOL for short, has successfully gone into the third round. And production company BILDERGUT was once again responsible for the look of the key motifs for the popular comedy series which can be seen on AMAZON PRIME. BILDERGUT Image Processing was commissioned for it by BDA Creative.

BILDERGUT was in charge of retouching the key motifs for the Amazon Prime series – the third season of which has been available since April 2022, with season 4 now in the making and planned to air in spring 2023.

The concept of the show headed by Michael ‘Bully’ Herbig : Ten top stars of German comedy try not to laugh no matter what. To put them to the test, they are locked in a room together for six hours. For which there’s basically only one rule: If you laugh twice, you’re out – and they can be punished for even the tiniest grin by presenter and referee Michael Bully Herbig, who follows their antics like a hawk on several screens.

Besides recurring guests the likes of Carolin Kebekus or the recently deceased Mirco Nontschew from the first season as well as Anke Engelke – thank you again for participating! – the show features stars from two seasons including Abdelkarim, Axel Stein, Christoph Maria Herbst, Hazel Brugger, Michelle Hunziker, Olaf Schubert, and Palina Rojinski.

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