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#RIMOWA #NewHorizons - a trip to the Italian island of Pantelleria with Kira BUNSE c/o BIRD PRODUCTION for RIMOWA

Kira BUNSE c/o BIRD PRODUCTION photographed on the island of Pantelleria in Italy for RIMOWA HORIZONS. The island, located between Sicily and Tunisia, rose from the ocean in a volcanic eruption around 350,000 years ago. RIMOWA New Horizons presents travel destinations visited by photographers – that are equally inspiring and exhilarating.

Founded in Cologne in 1898, RIMOWA is a global leader in the area of premium luggage. Synonymous with timeless design and superior craftsmanship, RIMOWA creates products at the intersection of innovation, utility and luxury for discerning purposeful travelers.

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‘Pre-Gala’ editorial by Noel QUINTELA c/o BIRD PRODUCTION for INDIE MAG

Noel QUINTELA c/o BIRD PRODUCTION photographed for INDIE MAGAZINE. “We photographed this summer in Paris, and it was incredibly hot – I think the models were quite happy that they didn’t have to put on the clothes but got to leave them on the hangers.”

Born in Mexico City and raised in Galicia, Spain, Noelʼs work explores subjects such as society, culture or identity, developing both fashion and documentary projects. Among his clients are Chanel, Zara, Nike, ABRA, Palomo Spain, MM6 x The North Face, Printemps, Lado Bokuchava, Axel & Arigato, The Kooples, V Magazine, Numéro France, Numéro Berlin, VMAN, 10 MEN, Vogue Scandinavia, and Vogue Business.

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‘COLOR MY LIFE WITH THE CHAOS OF TROUBLE⁠’ - a portrait of a growing female generation who are not afraid … by Jana GERBERDING c/o BIRD PRODUCTION

What does femininity mean today? A question asked by Jana GERBERDING c/o BIRD PRODUCTION with her project ‘Color My Life', for which she collaborated with stylist Mine Uludag. Casting was taken care of by Eli Xavier with beauty by Anna Neugebauer.

Jana: “Life today offers almost infinite possibilities juxtaposed by maximum confrontation with internal pressures, domestic threats, and global uncertainties. We participate in social movements that are meant to liberate us from oppression and share them on the same social platforms that torment us with an incessant evaluation of our appearance and identity. What exactly do you have to prove today as a young woman? What is socially expected? What does femininity even mean? Is there a new femininity? Does gender play a role at all? Isn’t it just about individuality and belonging?⁠

Making choices and gaining confidence is for many young people an inner conflict between knowing who they want to be and who they really are.⁠ Our heroines in these portraits embody different possibilities of the feminine. A portrayal that describes the role of the body, identity, the power of self-confidence, and individuality.⁠ This is a portrait of a growing female generation who are not afraid.'

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