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News // 19 News by Claudia Bitzer

CLAUDIA BITZER now represents photographer and director JANINE GRAUBAUM

Janine Graubaum is a photographer and director in the areas of transportation, people, lifestyle, and documentary. She lives and works in Berlin. Born 1984 in the GDR and raised in a car-loving family with Trabant workshops and dealerships, the topic of transportation has been around her all her life.

As a child, Janine was fascinated by the heavy tools and the vehicles. The rough, metallic and atmospheric feeling in the East made a lasting impression on her well into adulthood. Which is why she traveled through Eastern Europe again and again and has dedicated her first photo book entitled ‘KOSMOS TRAIN’ to these old Eastern-European trains and their passengers, and has received multiple awards for doing so.

Career-wise, Janine is at home in two worlds : One with her personal documentary photos and their unvarnished take on reality. The other with the staged imagery of her commercial work. Two entirely different approaches which she keeps apart from one another while still constantly using their synergy as a source of insight.

More photos and films by Janine are available at www.claudiabitzer.de. Claudia and Toralf look forward to your inquiries.
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Urban mobility made by SEAT – Tim ADORF c/o CLAUDIA BITZER photographs the SEAT MÓ electric scooter for C14 in Barcelona

With MÓ, SEAT has presented a new concept for urban mobility: an electric scooter with a range of at least 130 kilometers. TIM ADORF c/o CLAUDIA BITZER photographed the scooter on commission for the agency C14 in Barcelona, where it will be used in sharing fleets in the future. Production was in the hands of MAMA TEAM.
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CLAUDIA BITZER presents the first part of the RENAULT KANGOO launch campaign by Publicis Conseils Paris, photographed by Christian SCHMIDT in Cape Town

RENAULT presents the new Kangoo family. The third generation of the popular station wagon is marked by a completely new design, thought-through transport solutions, even more comfort, as well as modern driver assistance systems. Christian SCHMIDT c/o CLAUDIA BITZER photographed the launch campaign.

Commissioned by Paris-based agency Publicis Conseils, he took a trip to Cape Town just before the lockdown to shoot the photos – although, without the leading actor at first. Together with RECOM, Christian integrated the Renault into the image with CGI. We now have the pleasure of presenting the first half of the photos, and the second part will be published in March.

As with its predecessor, which has been sold four million times since 1997, this new model will also be available as a utility vehicle. In addition to the Kangoo Rapid compact van, which is equipped with more features and is available in two different lengths, Renault will also offer the Renault Express model, which was designed especially for small fleets and young companies. The market launch for the new generation of Kangoo models will be in Spring 2021.
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