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For modern minds and naturalists… Billy Ballard photographs the MARC O’POLO DENIM S/S 2021 campaign with capture service and post production by BLINK IMAGING

Bond with nature… Sustainable materials, natural colors, Scandinavian spirit. The look of the MARC O’POLO Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Billy Ballard photographed the understated photos reduced to the essential to convey a feeling of calm and slowing down a notch paired with a naturalness. In front of the camera stood Dutch beauty Mara Kasanpawiro as well as Nigel Herrenauw. The post production specialists from BLINK IMAGING supported the production with capture service and then post-produced the final motifs afterward.

We quote photographer Billy Balard : “After moving to Germany last year, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with so many new people. I am forever grateful to @katharina_reichle and the team at @marcopolo. The new denim campaign was shot and directed by me. Creative direction @katharina_reichle, model @mara.kasanpawiro, hair & make-up @uli_wissel, set @forgetmenot_bln, DoP and edit @sebastian.vellrath. With thanks to @blink_imaging, @paulllackner, @alexjeskulke, perfect production @made.in.germany.production, casting @affaosman"

About – BLINK IMAGING. We are the established premium partner for photographers, agencies and customers around the world. 100% reliable. 100% creative. 100% personal. As a full-service provider, we offer customized solutions for all aspects of a photo production, such as capture service and post production. BLINK are eight digital operators, ten retouchers and final art workers in three separate offices in Germany who use their extensive expertise to deliver projects of all scales. Experienced client consultants and project managers make communication easy and efficient. GoSee : blink-imaging.de

About : Marc O’Polo stands for high-class, contemporary premium, modern casual wear. A preference for natural materials, high-quality workmanship and special details characterize the individual style of this international brand with Scandinavian roots, in keeping with the philosophy of its founders: The freedom to be yourself. With this claim, Marc O’Polo has become one of the leading brands worldwide in its segment. GoSee : marc-o-polo.com
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featured by Max von Treu : MAX VON TREU photographs model, DJ, cosmopolitan, and not lastly, musician Estella Boersma for L’OFFICIEL Ukraine

For L’OFFICIEL Ukraine, MAX VON TREU photographed model, DJ, cosmopolitan, and musician Estella Boersma (Multipass). New in Berlin – Estella moved to the city on the Spree shortly before the global lockdown. She was styled by Alex Huber, with hair & make-up by Steffi Willmann and fashion direction by Olga Yanul. 

Why Berlin? Beautiful Estrella tells glamcult : “For me, moving here made me feel like I found a place where I could choose to go from place to place or spend the whole day in the studio where you can escape the outside world. It’s the exact opposite of New York, where everything was continuously hectic. Amsterdam will always feel like home, even if I’m not living there. Yet, at this moment in my life, I feel freer in Berlin, where I can move around at my own pace and feel at ease.” 

Digital support and post production by BLINK IMAGING. Max von Treu is represented by Kathrin Hohberg. GoSee : maxvontreu.com
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featured by Max von Treu : ‘Generation Relationship Incapable’ – MAX VON TREU photographs the cover story for MAX magazine featuring Frederik Lau and Luise Heyer in the leading roles

‘Generation Beziehungsunfähig’, or German for Generation Relationship Incapable, is the film adaptation of the same-titled book which was directed by Helena Hufnagel, who also wrote the screenplay together with Hilly Martinek. Appearing in the lead roles are Frederick Lau and Luise Heyer. MAX VON TREU photographed the actor and actress for the MAX cover story.

The film is about Micha who lives the life of a true bon vivant. He’s single, dates one woman after another, only to stop contacting them as soon as things get all too serious or he becomes bored. That only works for the full-time single until he meets his female counterpart Ghost. From then on, he finds himself on the flip-side of ‘diabolic’ dating. Micha, as confident as ever, still thinks he is doing everything right when he’s flirting with Ghost. But far from it – he’s being ghosted by her this time. After all, Ghost doesn’t have the slightest crush on a romantic like Micha…

‘Generation Beziehungsunfähig’ is a production by Pantaleon Films in co-production with Warner Bros Film Productions and Brainpool. Warner Bros Pictures planned to release the film in German movie theaters on March 25, 2021. ‘Generation Beziehungsunfähig’ was funded by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, FFF Bayern, German Federal Film Fund (DFFF), German National Film Funding Institution FFA, and MDM. 

Max von Treu is represented by Kathrin Hohberg.

Styling: Alex Huber
H&M: Steffi Willmann
Post Production:
blink imaging
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