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The Coup PR and DMarketing Unite to Elevate Kosovo's Creative Industries

[Berlin, Germany / Athens, Greece / Pristina, Kosovo] The Coup Public Relations, a leading boutique PR firm operating from the creative hubs of Berlin and Athens, and DMarketing, a dynamic full-service marketing agency headquartered in Pristina, Kosovo, are thrilled to announce their new collaboration. Together, they are poised to revolutionize the fashion, design, architecture, and interior sectors in Kosovo, showcasing the exceptional talents and services of local businesses on the global stage.

The collaboration between The Coup and DMarketing was sparked by the successful partnership with Vatanmed, Istanbul's premier hair transplant clinic, which recently expanded its reach with branches in the Balkan countries. Inspired by the remarkable results achieved through their joint efforts, the two agencies have joined forces to further strengthen and promote the fashion, design, architecture, and interior industries in Kosovo.

Kosovo, with its rich creative output and international understanding of deliverables, has yet to receive the global recognition it deserves. However,...

Photo gallery KARA in Hamburg opens perspectives on climate change with the exhibition ‘DOPPELTHOCHTIEF’ by photographer Firat Kara

KARA, a new gallery for photographic art, is celebrating its opening at Hamburg’s Colonnaden on 2 June, 2023, with a vernissage of fantastic works on the topic of climate change. The landscapes in the Alps were photographed by photographer Firat Kara, who is opening the gallery of the same name. Firat presented us a preview as part of the GoSeeAWARDS, during which the jury of international experts voted his series about the Alps into the finale.

“The fact that our nature is threatened is particularly evident in the mountains. According to the annual report of ‘Copernicus’, the Earth observation component of the EU’s Space program, the glaciers of the Alps shrunk in 2022 more than ever before. This is in part due to heavy rainfall, which causes mass movements such as landslides and rockfalls. With the photo project ‘Doppelthochtief’, I would like to raise awareness that the climate catastrophe doesn’t even stop at the mightiest peaks. During my hikes across the Alps, I photographed these fragile beauties and then superimposed the images to form multiple layers of reality by...

Exploring Climate Change and Transformation in the Exhibition Project Flora Fauna Habitat 2024 by Artist Florian Reckert

Deputy Director Prof. Dr. Karen Wiltshire, Head of the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) Helgoland & Sylt, Professor at Kiel University and artist Florian Reckert, Director of the Institute for Artistic Research and Transformation (I*ART), held a conversation on 24 May 2023 that built a bridge between art, science and environmental awareness. This dialogue also laid the foundation for the upcoming exhibition project Flora Fauna Habitat (FFH) by Florian Reckert, one of the last indigenous people born in List on Sylt, which will take place in Hamburg and North Friesland, among other places, in 2024.

Flora Fauna Habitat is an ambitious artistic project curated by the ornithologist Florian Reckert that deals with the profound effects of climate change on coastal ecosystems. Through a wide range of artistic means, including installations, sculptures, photography and film works, the exhibition aims to immerse visitors in a thought-provoking sensory experience.

Karen Wiltshire's expertise in coastal systems and climate change has been instrumental in shaping the thematic focus of the...

WOW – we say THANK YOU ! News coming soon …

Here are the first photos from the perhaps best UPDATE of all times … Details are coming, plus further photos. We are happy that everyone was so happy – and a bit sad that it was all over so quickly .…

We look forward to seeing all of our friends, new and old, next year – at the latest.

Frank, Cyrus and Family

The Athletic Coup Film Festival: Call for entries is now open.

The Athletic Coup was born out of a desire to uncover the hidden gems of the sports world, performed in remote landscapes or the backyards of bustling city streets, and shine a light on the diverse and vibrant tapestry of athletic pursuits. Through the lens of cinema, the film festival brings to life the passion, dedication and triumphs of athletes from all walks of life, inspiring audiences to dream big and strive for greatness.

Set against the birthplace of physical excellence in Athens, Greece, the festival is dedicated to showcasing the dynamic world of athletic action and excellence on the big screen. It shines a spotlight on the captivating world of athletic action and excellence in motion. The film festival is a celebration of both professional and amateur athletes, and a journey of discovery that takes us to the most interesting sports in the most fascinating places around the world.

Through the art of film, The Athletic Coup showcases the incredible stories and accomplishments of athletes who push their limits and break new ground. The festival promises to be a...

Genesis | unlock new perspectives

Sublime has embarked on a fascinating project in collaboration with photographer Martina Feicht and Stereo Films to create a series of captivating images.


Art Project with the German based band Die Nerven. It's based on long exposure portraits on tour.


Founder & Editor in Chief Karina Givargisoff
Photographer Jackie Nickerson
Fashion Editor Julia Veitch
Talent Maeve Sullivan WILD FLOWER model agency
Producer Arzu Kocman and Production house Productionising

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