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The winners of my "Suddenly too much time" give away

Because of these difficult times, with lots of time and only few jobs left, I decided to start a give away to germanys winemakers. To keep myself busy and do what i love and to help them promote their wine and give them a bit of hope for better times. I only asked for the bottle and a description of the wine. Thats the outcome.

My studio is OPEN for Business during COVID-19

Many studios have closed but MY STUDIO is still OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

I can work on my own using all the same equipment and facilities in my studio that I used before the Covid-19 outbreak.

1. Send your products over.

2. We talk, email or use online video conferencing apps like Zoom to nail your requirements.

3. During the shoot I can email test shots for your approval as I photograph them.

4. Once the high res images are processed and retouched they will then be sent via wetransfer.com for you to download.

5. EASY!

6. For your safety: On receipt I will disinfect wipe down the products before the shoot and again when I package them up to be returned to you. If the products to be photographed are not wipeable then I will either leave them for at least 48 hours before shooting and / or wear surgical gloves when touching them.

I have a large selection of backgrounds and props in-house as well as a super kitchen.

Deutz AG Industrial Photography

For Deutz AG I was responsible for Corporate Photography for several years and revised the image pool in the area of Industrial Photography. The result is, besides several annual reports, an extensive archive in different areas.

“What goes around comes around” so stay home, spread love and not the virus ;)

ORDERLY CHAOTIC STUDIO c/o Cosmopola finished their new animation (a mix of 3d,2d and photo manipulation) and it’s called “What goes around comes around” so stay home, spread love and not the virus ;)
It is a nostalgic interpretation of one of the first cellphones, the Nokia 3210 and its iconic game Snake.

Commercial Photo Editing

Somistar is a creative retouching and CGI — specializing in production of high quality commercial CGI and photo based imagery for the advertising.

Experience the quality commercial photo editing services from our expert image editing company that gives you perfect results at affordable prices.

#LockdownWithChild / Week 01 / Personal Work

…what do you do if you suddenly have no more childcare for the kids, if your own office has closed down and if all jobs are either postponed or cancelled?
You do what you always wanted to do: an expedition to the South Pole or a trip to a distant galaxy. Or just anything you can think of. And because adults rarely have the idea to save a dinosaur from flooding, you have to ask a little expert every now and then.
…and this is exactly what I did. Hope you will like it yours Nils

UtART Wall Design - Vintage Wall tapestries by Uta Naumann

Born in the historic city of Dresden, Germany, Uta Naumann is a designer who is passionate about romantic vintage design and timeless glamour. After spending her childhood in the capital of Saxony, she moved to Leipzig in 2015.

Over the years, Uta has developed her designs around her love for nature, colour and florals. She draws inspiration from antique pharmaceutical plant illustrations, specifically tropical vegetation and roses. Uta describes the way in which she designs as “drifting”. So, enjoy drifting through this wonderful collection of exquisite floral wallpaper murals by the amazing Uta Naumann.

Fascinated by old tapestries, I feel the need to create lush designs for empty walls. Also here my love for vintage designs.