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Bugatti Chiron - Not go unnoticed.

Bugatti Chiron does not go unnoticed, its history of speed is written in every corner of the world and its records are forever imprinted. Overcoming limits and going beyond imagination is the Bugatti philosophy.
The adv wants to represent all this, its lines come to life on the facade of a historic building and it is not known if the photographer was captured by this or if he was unable to take the car, because it was too fast.

Creativity: Edvig De Stefano
Cgi and Post Production: Edvig De Stefano
Client: Bugatti

Buy Books for Beirut! Help the Arab Image Foundation

Buy Books for Beirut! Help the Arab Image Foundation On the 4th of August, explosions at the port of Beirut devastated the city. 800m from the site, the Arab Image Foundation’s premises sustained substantial damage.

Their on-site facilities include workspaces, a cool storage room for the collection, and a library. The preservation department was the most severely impacted. To help them cover costs of the cleaning process, replacing equipment and repairing workspaces we will donate all proceeds from the sale of the Paradox publications available online from today until the end of October. Click here to browse our range of acclaimed photobooks, including titles from Koos Breukel, Dana Lixenberg, Joana Choumali, Ad van Denderen, Carel van Hees, Xavier Ribas, Melle Smets, Andrea Stultiens and Dirk-Jan Visser. Also available: special editions including signed copies accompanied by prints from authors like: Emeric Lhuisset, Hans van der Meer and Kadir van Lohuizen. Buy a book to support the AIF’s vital work. But be quick: stock of many of the items listed – particularly special...



Vogue is the world’s number one fashion magazine and a flagship product of the Condé Nast empire. Its first issue came out over 120 years ago. Vogue is often called „the fashion Bible.“ The magazine is always the first to give a full review of new beauty and fashion trends and sometimes even sets new trends, discovers promising names and dictates highest standards. To appear in Vogue is the top quality label in the fashion industry for designers, models, actors, photographers and authors.

Vogue ist die weltweite Nummer eins unter den Modemagazinen und ein Aushängeschild des Condé Nast-Imperiums. Ihre erste Ausgabe erschien vor über 120 Jahren. Vogue wird oft „die Modebibel“ genannt. Das Magazin gibt immer als erstes einen vollständigen Überblick über neue Schönheits- und Modetrends und setzt manchmal sogar neue Trends, entdeckt vielversprechende Namen und diktiert höchste Standards. In der Vogue zu erscheinen ist das Top-Qualitätslabel der Modebranche für Designer, Models, Schauspieler, Fotografen und Autoren.



1+1=1 NARÈNTE for SPECTR Magazine Issue #30 SEPT 2020 - produced in Sardinia

1+1=1 // NARÈNTE for SPECTR MAGAZINE ISSUE #30, SEPT 2020 // fully produced in SARDINIA
Art direction+Cast+Photos NARÈNTE Lucio Aru + Franco Erre
Styling Giorgia Melis assited by Annalisa M. Lilliu
Make up Veronica Contu
Hair Fabio Fanti
Models: JIBRIIL at Brave Models, Wilhelmina London
Monica at LA
With the support of Sardegna Film Commission
Assistants on Set: Edoardo Moses Pisano, Alessia Greco

PHOTODARIUM Classic 2021 & PHOTODARIUM Private 2021

This year again, the most beautiful and exciting 365 instant photos were selected from over 2,000 submissions. On the front of each calendar page there is an analog instant-photo in original size, finished with high-quality lacquer finish creating a true polaroid feeling. On the back is a little text to the emergence of a picture and information about the photographer and the film used.

The photo-tear-off-calendar PHOTODARIUM is already set to appear for the 9th time and shows the almost personal snapshots of well-known photographers and newcomers, professionals and individuals from around the world.

For everyone who wants more: For the fourth time PHOTODARIUM Private is published parallel to the classic one. This tear-off calendar reveals uncensored instant images with an artistic approach to nudity.

Day after day a new erotic, nude or cheeky instant-picture is uncovered. A modern and young view on eroticism beyond pornographic clichés—from photographers and individuals all around the world. Emancipated and honest. The private edition has a sticker sheet for personal...

Shape Grammars By Jannis Maroscheck

How can unique pieces be mass produced? Or: How can the computer take over and support creative work? Sol LeWitt writes in his Sentences on Conceptual Art: “The idea becomes a machine that makes the art. [...] There are many side effects that the artist cannot imagine. These may be used as ideas for new works.” A form is removed from the status of pure art as soon as it is filled with unambiguous information or applied utility. Its poetic function as art is thus weakened, its practical function as design is strengthened.

With the right system, an idea can also become a machine that produces design instead of art. This is then called generative design. However, this form of design is primarily used to display complex data sets or to fire off overwhelming visual spectacles.

Based on the work of Sol LeWitt, graphic designer Jannis Maroscheck has designed and programmed his own production systems that can draw an unlimited number of individual graphic shapes.

The result is a systematic catalog—a kind of dictionary of shapes—for browsing and exploring geometric systems, in...

F A R M H O U S E  FABULOUS | The New Magazine

ONE HUNDRED & THIRTY-TWO PAGES of painted walls in hot chocolate, thistle blues, chalked whites and salsa verde. Discover rural interiors wrapped in raw linens, putty coloured throws, vintage corduroy and woollen fleeces: this is Fabulous Farmhouse.

Salvaged flagstone floors, exposed timbers and chunky stone walling frame these rural-inspired beauts from Tuscany to the Czech Beskydy Mountains, a sanctuary in Mallorca to the wilds of Scotland.

Our first in a series of special editions: FARMHOUSE FABULOUS is your 132-page travel directory of the modern country-house depicted through stunning photography and descriptive text. If you love the country vibe, then this magazine is for you and makes a perfect gift for those who seek travel, design, escapism and style.

Iain + Crew



SUSA is a traditional family-owned company. They stand for lingerie that makes you feel good, with a pleasant wearing comfort, functionality and high quality, product leadership in niches and no mass production. I

  • Complete production
    Location Scouting (incl. travel arrangements)

SUSA Dessous ist ein Traditionsunternehmen in Familienbesitz. Sie stehen für Dessous zum Wohlfühlen mit einem angenehmen Tragekomfort, Funktionalität und hochwertige Qualität, Produktführerschaft in Nischen und keine Massenware.

  • Komplette Produktion
    Location Scouting (inkl. Reisearrangements)


STYLING Sanne Rösche
HAIR & MAKE-UP Kerstin Hadju
MODEL Munich Models
ASSISTENT 1 Christina Just
ASSISTENT 2 Philipp Koch Photography
PRODUCTION Winteler Production