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'MISS ASIA' by Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek, Hair Styling by Tony Lundström c/o BLOSSOM for Punkt Magazine

Publication: @punktmagazine
Photographer: @doublekoek
Stylist: @sinabraetz
Set Design: @mango_vendor
Make-Up: @janinazais
Models: Mijuna @ Tigers Management, Zen & Cory @ Core Management, Elisa & Hanna @IzaioManagement, Kanucia, Mary Lu & Van Thanh – Streetcast, Alina @ M4 Models
Casting: @sinalinke
Production: @juliussalvenmoser
Styling Assistance: @carmen_wo
Special thanks: @studiohienle

'The boys' Editorial by Charl Marais c/o BLOSSOM for Odity Magazine & meet BLOSSOM MANAGEMENT at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

'The boys' Editorial by Charl Marais c/o BLOSSOM for Odity Magazine

It is Marais’ relaxed attitude that is at the core of his approach to work, and what he draws upon in his creation of the set’s environment. This staple attitude has allowed him to create environments he believes produces the best results that permeate on through to the photographs. It is this outlook and approach that has had him work with commercial, editorial fashion and advertising clients for over 10 years.

Selected advertising clients include Austin Reed, Brooksfield, Cesare Attolini, DHC, FiftyFour, Levi’s, Marks & Spencer and Somatoline. Marais has also shot commissioned editorials for Vogue, L’Officiel, Marie Clare, Elle, Grazia, GQ, Men’s Health, The Sunday Times, Seventh Man, The Rake and The Week. Marais is based in London, working worldwide.

Check out the portfolio of Charl Marais on the Blossom Website and meet the team of the Berlin and Hamburg based agency in November at UPDATE-19-BERLIN



7 Seas is excited to share NEW locations that have just been added to the already extensive locations database for France. 7 Seas has had a strong grip on the South of France for many years, and now the team are thrilled to broaden their reach with the addition of Corsica last year and now a handful of carefully selected new locations. These include 17th Century Chateaux, the quaint resort town of Deauville and the small island along the West coast of France called, Ile de Re. All are idyllically French and perfect for photo and film productions.
The South of France still reigns as a diamond production region of France thanks to its dreamy coastlines and perfect weather. 7 Seas has just released a suite of fresh scouting photos from Cannes, with more locations to be updated in the coming months...so stayed tuned.
To receive a selection of top locations in France to match your brief, please contact the team at 7 Seas today!

Burger King: Whopper Diamond by Grabarz & Partner & Soup Film supporting the LGBTQ+ community - Love is love is love

To celebrate Pride month, Burger King Germany has debuted the “Whopper Diamond,” jewels crafted from the ashes of its signature offering. The diamonds adorn a pair of bespoke wedding rings for a homosexual couple, Dima and Alvar, whom Burger King brought to Germany so they could get married. The pair hails from Eastern Europe, and one of them is from a country where same-sex marriage is illegal and there are no anti-discrimination laws protecting homosexuals. The idea is tied to Burger King’s long-running tagline, “Have it your way.”

“Guests are free to choose how they enjoy their Whopper in any country — whether with onions or an extra portion of cheese, the choice is theirs,” said director of marketing at Burger King Deutschland, Klaus Schmäing. “Together with Dima and Alvar, we would now like to show that every person should have the opportunity to freely decide. Especially when it comes to love.”

Book Launch & Party 'FADING BEAUTY' by Dale Grant, 5th July, in Berlin

Dale Grant’s Fading Beauty is a collection of photographs capturing the distinctive features which flowers display during their life cycle. Flowers all begin life looking rather similar but it is at the moment when they begin to wither and after some time die, that their true individual beauty can be witnessed as the vivid colors of their petals eventually become transparent and muted in tone. Dale Grant sees his images of flowers as portraits and in this direction he sets out to explore life’s uniqueness and constant change.

Born in the Bahamas, Dale Grant has spent most of his years living in Paris, New York, Amsterdam and Berlin. After graduating from university, he followed his heart and became a photographer specializing in fashion and portrait photography. Having worked for many years as a commercial photographer for magazines and fashion houses, Dale turned his focus to fine art photography.

For his fine art photography, flowers are his models of choice and they are for him an allegory for life. He says of the series: ''I find that as flowers begin to wither they...


'63 E 9TH STREET | NYC POLAROIDS 1975 - 1983' - TOM BIANCHI's new polaroid book by DAMIANI & exhibition at New Discretions until 5th of July in New York

New Discretions presents Tom Bianchi’s “63 E 9th Street.” 'This is our first collaboration with the artist, corresponding with his latest monograph of the same title. The exhibition will take place at Johannes Vogt’s Next Door Guest at 958 Madison Ave.' New Discretions is a curatorial project by Benjamin Tischer of INVISIBLE-EXPORTS.

In 1975 Tom Bianchi moved from the American heartland to New York City, seeking a place in the cultural and sexual revolution that was unfolding among its blossoming young gay population. On summer weekends, Bianchi took his Polaroid SX – 70 camera to the Pines; those pictures became the 2013 book Fire Island Pines: Polaroids 1975–1983. Years later, we now get a first look at another extraordinary collection of Bianchi’s Polaroids, taken in his East 9th St apartment. Bianchi’s New York apartment was an intimate, track-lit den, a safe stage where he and his friends played out erotic night games. At once confronting limited notions of the self and reveling in the spirituality of physical bodies, Bianchi faithfully documented these sexual encounters,...

Fashion & Beauty Models for my Pop-Up Studio, Berlin-Nikolassee in June 2019.

photoberlino pop-up studio

year: 2019
month: June/Juni
von-bis/periode/days: beginning Monday: 17th - 30th of June/Juni
hours: 18.30h - 22h
14 models needed
1 or 2 models each day!
bring: 1 T-Shirt white, 1 dress of one color, 1 blouse, 1 Jeans, 1 skirt,
1 jacket, 1 scarf, 5 Accessoires, 1 pair of high-heels, 1 pair of boots or oggs,
fashion-junk jewelery if possible.

there will be no brands!
we don´t have labels, only art!
communication through email only!
all languages spoken
one-on-one session
MUA and Hair...may be
no phone!

c/o Farbenladen/Little Shop of Horrors:
Fa. Hans Hunsicker
Prinz-Friedrich-Leopold-Str. 6
14129 Berlin-Nikolassee

Fotograf: Peer Hunsicker, Master of Arts, Art in Context, UdK

seeking amateur or up-and-coming fashion models:
beautiful face / schlank / ab 163cm / no tattoo

TFP, no pay, you get 3 images printed/no digital, you can use the images for a portfolio or lookbook,
you will waive all rights to the images, you have to sign a legal contract.
The photographer is the image right...


'We are excited to announce that Jonpaul Douglass has officially joined the Giant Artists roster! If you’re drawn to images that look like anyone could have shot them, then Jonpaul Douglass is not for you. This color-obsessed photographer, director, and creative director brings a head-turning approach to all of his work, whether he’s shooting for clients like Facebook, Apple, the NBA or Skittles or masterminding one of his viral photo projects, like 2014’s “Pizza in the Wild.

Grounding all of Jonpaul’s work is a crisp sophistication. He strips his compositions down to the essential elements and in doing so elevates everything that remains in the frame. “A photo needs to have a special quality that’s almost magical and makes you wonder,” he says. Spoken like a true creative director, which in fact Jonpaul is. Among his notable collaborations: He worked with Postmates to develop a distinct look and feel that set the food-delivery service apart from its competitors, particularly on social.

Jonpaul himself maintains an impressive presence on social media, with more than 98,000...