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The Beauty of Imperfection

"Unflattering poses or disturbingly intimate details counteract
the prevailing thinking about the most advantageous and perfect
representation of naked bodies. In her colorful productions hovers
a hint of criticism of prevailing ideals of beauty and gender classifications
or the ideas of what a woman should look like and how she should pose.
Her view does not show the bodies perfectly or shamefully, and yet - or
precisely because of this - the photographs are of shimmering beauty.
The images irritate in a joyful way and set off a journey inside us - a mental cinema,
inspired by the sensuality and originality of these photographs."

Dorothee Achenbach


PLEAT is a creative agency that represents a highly talented roster of artists and provides production of stills and moving image with the agility required in today’s visual industry. Created in response to today’s landscape of abundant imagery, our curation is considered and our international roster of artists are carefully selected to align with our artistic and visual sensibility.

Chanel, T Magazine, Financial Times, Toyota, Nike, Adidas, John Lewis, Audemars Piguet, ..... PLEAT’s visual ethos is grounded with an experienced knowledge of production to ensure commercial and editorial potential. Artwork by Alessandra Kila -'Superblue'.



common era is an agency that represents a handful of carefully curated visual artists. Photography and image making is our passion — we strive to forge lasting relationships with both our artists and our clients. Along the way, we pride ourselves on strategic representation and career development for our roster while providing full-service support to our clients. We produce all shoots either in-house or in partnership with trusted local producers depending on the requirements of the job.

Our goal is to make sure that everyone goes home happy. By operating on a project-by-project model we can scale up production support as needed and by tapping into our network of global suppliers we ensure a smooth shoot regardless of the location.

We’ve shot cars in sub-zero temperatures in the Austrian Alps, photographed aristocracy in an impressive country estate, snapped celebrities on the streets of London, and even learned the secret behind creating an indoor BBQ without setting off the fire alarm. No project is too big or too small.

CHANEL High Jewelry, Art Book 2023, Collaboration Photographer Gyslain YARHI.

Delighted to announce such a special collaboration with CHANEL's new "Haute Joaillerie" table book by Thames & Hudson. This work celebrates 90 years of exceptional and magnificent fine jewelry.
During 2022, T&H asked me to present my photos (GYSLAIN YARHI) of the high jewelry pieces of the "Collection 18 Place Vendôme" treasury of the best photographs of Chanel's magnificent jewelry collections.

This book presents Chanel's fine jewelry creations, from Gabrielle Chanel's first diamond jewelry in 1932 to contemporary pieces. The 528 pages of the book are full of previously unseen photographs and images from the Chanel archives.

From Gabrielle Chanel's 1932 collection to the most recent interpretations of her iconic signs and symbols, Chanel Haute Joaillerie tells the story, based on extensive research and exploring the life and art of Chanel through some of her most valuable and the eternally modern ideas they have. inspired, complemented by images from the Chanel archives.

Tank you Jo Walton and the Chanel Jewelry team

Slanted Magazine #40—Experimental Type Autumn/Winter 2022/23

Mum probably told us, “The oven is a danger zone.” Still, we had to ex­periment our first burn to know how hot fire is. Our parents covered us with millions of kisses, long before we fell in love with somebody and experimented our first kiss. Even if we saw it before, nobody could really tell us how beautiful it is. Everyone must experience it by him- or herself. In other words: by making experiments we gain experience and knowledge. Experiments open our horizon, let us enter the undiscovered, and feed our lust for more.
With Slanted Magazine #40—Experimental Type we open eight doors, each one offering a glimpse into spaces that were explored by pushing conventions, limitations, and thoughts to the next level. We all know though, that the game is never over. The discovery of new areas, technologies, and thoughts are a constant source of inspiration, research, and experimen­tation for those that follow.

Tactile Realism shows works with tactile character, adding material properties to the typeface. The Anti-Reader-Friendly typography becomes the “readymade” of the type...

What Should I Say—About Seoul

How could visiting Seoul be described in a way that allows someone else to feel like they are right there? What to say? What perspectives to choose?

What Should I Say—About Seoul takes the reader on a path less traveled: The work and daily-life of Korean designers; but not just as a spectator. The book gives a glimpse into South Korean society that is not so common after all: Some of the insights into the Seoul work experience appear grim at places, colored by the ongoing pandemic that forced people to cut down on social interactions.

The experiences of Korean-German designers are also included in the book, and as a result, one could see that there is really no reason to think of Germany as a country that “has it all figured out.” The modern workplace can be a very mixed bag at times and bad working conditions plague the creative industry worldwide. Speaking about these experiences allows us to feel less isolated and work towards change—so it is not all doom and gloom.

What Should I Say—About Seoul

Publisher: Slanted Publishers
Editorial & artistic lead: Omid...


Sommer, Sonne, gute Laune!
Mit meiner farbenfrohen Produktionen für Hama!
client: hama
agency: große 8
creative direction: jörg thommes
art direction: svenja kübler
production: andrea scholtyssek
hair & make up: eva mittmann
styling: eva mittmann
talents: markusch sch. c/0 brüderchen & schwesterchen, ana