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A year of coronavirus has left its mark on the Norwegian people.

A tired nation
A year of coronavirus has left its mark on the Norwegian people.
We wanted to find out what could help.

Text Kristine Hovda Photo Mikaela Berg, Oslo and Maximilian Chini, Florence

Voices Welcomes Musicians

Lend me your ears…

For millennia human beings have used their voices to dissect our societies, conjure visions of opulence, and document the beauty and pain of human life.

Now, the world’s leading voice over marketplace extends its hand to music composers and singers, across the world, to join a family of vocal excellence.

Voices offers a safe space for musicians to create and share innovative scratch tracks and demos whilst earning money at the same time.

Become part of a preeminent alliance that connects brands like Microsoft, Go Daddy, and Hulu to creatives like you.

We give others hope when we find our voices.

Professional Musicians can join Voices now at

About Voices

Voices’ creative services marketplace connects businesses big and small to creative talent based on their unique and diverse skills. With Voices, creative talent can tap into voice over, music, audio production, and translation jobs with some of the world’s biggest and most recognizable brands.

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As part of Hyatt’s “For a World of Understanding,” Picture Farm Production teamed up with MullenLowe, director Simon Benjamin and spoken word artist and poet Tarriona “Tank” Ball to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 11th annual Southern Christian Leadership Conference, an event held at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta during the darkest days of that era’s Civil Rights movement.

The new spot, “Come Together,” has a similar tone as the brand’s past work, leaning on its rich history of inclusivity and celebrating having opened its doors to all since 1967.”– ADWEEK

The spot, already garnering an “Ad of The Day” title from The Drum, was developed by the creative team from MullenLowe, Ms. Ball, Mr. Benjamin and PF Executive Producer Johnny Fego. Picture Farm took the project from production through post, with editor Winnie Cheung, assistant editor Jose Roman and post producers Monique Robertson and Leslie Yoon guiding the editorial process.

ADIDAS : #MakerLab Campus 80s

Picture Farm worked in collaboration with Adidas MakerLab Creative Director Jose Cabaco, the Adidas Creator Farm and GrandArmy over the summer of 2019 to produce a massive multi-country video and photo campaign for a collaborative artist’s re-design of the iconic Adidas Campus sneaker. Titled the Adidas MakerLab Campus 80s, the project included campaign and BTS photography shot by Jean-Vincent Simonet and a progressive documentary film campaign directed by Leandro Lara.

Executive Producer Ben Freedman led the production of the ambitious project, which took us all over the world, from Tokyo and the UK, Germany and Vietnam, following three designers – Alex Nash, Helen Kirkum, and Shun Hirose – in their quest to create their own iteration of the iconic silhouette.

The intensive post production process for the video pieces, which would include not only creative editing but element fabrication for animation, title design and sound design, took place at PF’s Brooklyn headquarters under post supervisor Leslie Yoon and lead editor Chris Besecker’s stewardship.

The result is a...

DE MOI® Conscious Beauty - May we introduce: DE MOI® Ultimate Intimate Wash Bar

DE MOI® is a Swiss beauty brand that stands for clean beauty and a holistic approach to natural skincare. Its founder, Demee Koch, holds more than two decades of experience in the beauty industry, and draws inspiration from her roots, the Philippines. The Swiss formulated products combine the power of Philippine healing plants and Swiss active ingredients.

With the DE MOI® All Natural Line, the brand introduces the DE MOI® Ultimate Intimate Wash Bar as an innovative approach to feminine organic hygiene. The intimate wash is inspired by the Filipino traditional therapeutic intimate care. In the Philippines, the guava leaf vagina steam bath is performed after childbirth as a healing ritual and for muscle and skin tightening effects.

Inspired by this age-old traditional therapeutic use and developed in a bar form for daily use, the naturally hypoallergenic product features safe anti-microbial botanicals such as the traditional Guava leaf and Aloe Vera extract.

Its cutting-edge, organic formulation gently cleanses, protects and balances the skin’s pH in the vaginal area,...

Swiss beauty brand DE MOI® launches its new All Natural Line

DE MOI® Conscious Beauty: Swiss beauty brand DE MOI® BY DEMEE KOCH launches its new All Natural Line - a variety of holy grail beauty products from a unique selection of nature-derived, and ethically sourced ingredients.

The DE MOI® All Natural Line skillfully combines active ingredients, such as Swiss-formulated Alpha Arbutin, considered the world's most advanced anti-aging ingredient, with the power of Philippine healing plants. Cultivation is rooted in the areas of origin and contributes to the economic and social well-being of the growing areas.

Authentic Swiss formulated Alpha Arbutin is derived from the Swiss bearberry plant and inhibits the production of melanin - effectively reversing the signs of ageing and UV damage.

The DE MOI® All Natural Line is the luxurious and carefree way to nourish the skin. The ingredients are 100% plant-based and naturally hypoallergenic.

DE MOI® was founded by beauty industry veteran Demee Koch. With more than two decades of experience, the Swiss-based Filipina aimed to create a socially conscious beauty brand with inclusive...

DE MOI® All Natural Line - Powered by Philippine Botanicals

The new All Natural Line by Swiss beauty brand DE MOI® BY DEMEE KOCH skillfully combines active ingredients, such as Swiss-formulated Alpha Arbutin, considered the world's most advanced anti-aging ingredient, with the power of Philippine healing plants. The rich biodiversity of the Philippines offers a vast population and variety of plants, which hold great use as natural ingredients for cosmetic applications.

The conservation of old, traditional knowledge on the properties of the Philippine’s power botanicals and providing jobs for the local communities is a matter of the heart for beauty industry veteran Demee Koch.
“Grooming is part of our culture,“ says the Swiss-based Filipina. “My mother says cleanliness is next to Godliness. Growing up, we used the natural remedies of local plants like coconut and aloe vera for our hair and skin. We use ginger for healing, and guava for wounds, cleansing and after giving birth. Women gather and bond over age-old beauty practices.“

As an adult, Demee would leave the Philippines to work in the luxury beauty industry in the UAE, and...