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Case Study: How Kia Built an Interactive Online Experience with HDRi Maps

Brands often use HDRi Maps to create static imagery for an advertising campaign, landing page or vehicle catalog. Sometimes, they even use advanced technologies to create full-motion videos within a virtual environment.
Many brands are now going a step further, though, and using HDRi Maps to create immersive, interactive environments that customers can use to experience products without ever leaving their homes and offices.
Kia’s Interactive Configurator
A great example is this new online configurator from Kia. Kia wanted a way to showcase their rugged Kia Seltos compact SUV, demonstrating its offroad capabilities, luxurious interior, and high-tech features.
To do this, Kia teamed up with Court Avenue to build an online interactive experience showcasing the Kia Seltos.
When they needed a high-quality HDRi Environment in which to showcase the Seltos, the Court Avenue team turned to CGI.Backgrounds. They chose one of our high-resolution RAY.HDR Environments of a rocky wilderness location.
They then used automotive rendering techniques and a digital...

Hyrox Guide

Hyrox, die neue Trendsportart bestehend aus
8x1km Läufen und 8 unterschiedlichen Übungen.

Zusammen mit der Hyrox Athletin Tina Görtz habe ich die Bilder
eines Training Guides für meinen Kunden Orthomol fotografiert.
client: orthomol
athlete: tina görz
postproduction: 617digital


For Néo Makeup Cosmetics new Colour Corrector Campaign, Felix STÖSSER c/o BASICS BERLIN did Hair and Make-up on both models (photographer Benjamin Becker).

Rels B - Ben LAMBERTY c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER for Numéro Netherlands

Rels B is a Spanish Reggaeton, R&B and Pop singer, rapper and songwriter. His charismatic voice and unmistakablemelodies have won over audiences from different countries, making him part of the new Spanish gold generation. His world hit 'Cómo Dormiste?' reached #22 in the global charts, also leading the charts in Latin America and Spain.


Sunday 17.09.23 as of 5pm. Nadja Projects 51 Grolmanstr. 10623 Berlin

HABITANT präsentiert den kolumbianischen Regisseur Juan RUEDA

Juan RUEDA is a filmmaker and artist. He can be described as a maverick in the realm of visual arts, always seeking unconventional approa ches with a profound artistic curiosity.

In his work, he reflects the passion he feels for the stories he chooses to tell, whether they are grand or small. He meticulously cares for every element that becomes part of his creations: art direction, casting, lighting. He is an tireless worker who never loses his aesthetic inspiration, whether it's in his on-stage performances or while developing content, film, and innovative projects. That's why, over the years, he has built a strong reputation alongside the brand Akira, of which he is a partner, and has been internationally recognized as Colombia's best director.


HABITANT represents French director Julien ZENIER

A highly technical shooter with a post-savvy approach, Julien ZENIER is French filmmaker with bold cinematics.

He made his filmmaking debut with the shocker short-film SNIP, honoured across the film festival circuit and praised by the fantastic genre tastemakers for its uncompromising vision. Shooting across the world, Julien has recently shot for the likes of Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Issey Miyake, Thierry Mugler, BMW, Asics, Levi’s, Powerade, Nestlé or Azzaro.

Julien has the unique ability to draw the very best performances from the personalities he’s working with, whether directing Novak Djokovic, Cristiano Ronaldo or A-List actors. He lives in Barcelona and travels the world on commercial while finishing his 2nd short film, the grounded sci-fi drama To The Lights


Portraits & Architecture

Portrait series of the management team Konzepthaus Krems. Excerpt of architectural photos of projects from the Waldviertel in Lower Austria