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Nature and Fashion

Nature and Fashion is part two of a collaboration with Model/Artist Faith Mathis and Photograghy/Artist Dalvin "Mustafa" Spann. Faith fashion theme was inspired by actor Jaye Davidson in the 1994 Stargate film.



Joop! is an internationally active fashion company. It was founded in 1986 by the German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop in Hamburg and developed from the late 1980s, favored by the launch of numerous perfume products, into a fashion company for upscale women’s and men’s clothing as well as accessories, home textiles and children’s fashion.


Joop! ist ein international tätiges Modeunternehmen. Es wurde 1986 von dem deutschen Modedesigner Wolfgang Joop in Hamburg gegründet und entwickelte sich ab Ende der 1980er Jahre, begünstigt durch die Einführung zahlreicher Parfümprodukte, zu einem Modeunternehmen für gehobene Damen- und Herrenbekleidung sowie für Accessoires, Heimtextilien und Kindermode.

HAIR & MAKE-UP Vroni Eder
MODEL Marina Albino / MGM Models
MOVING IMAGE Linda Leitner
​PRODUCTION Winteler Production


SPARBAR® Live Experience With Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone At 1st Ever Arnold Sports Festival In The UK 2021

SPARBAR, Ltd, the UK inventor and manufacturer of SPARBAR® boxing and fitness equipment, is proudly announcing its return to the NEC Birmingham, the UK's largest event space, for the first ever Arnold Sports Festival in the UK!

Originally founded in 1989 by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer, the Arnold Sports Festival is one of the most prestigious events on the sports and fitness calendar. Taking place for the first time in the UK, this event will be the ultimate experience and spectacle that the UK fitness, health & sports community desires and deserves.

From a primarily bodybuilding event to a multi-sport extravaganza aimed at all ages and demographics, the SPARBAR® team takes the opportunity to showcase the newest editions of its intuitive boxing fitness workout devices built to make boxing as a sport accessible to anyone.

The sports festival is headlined by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Dolph Lundgren and many other modern heroes, available for a meet-and-greet including photo opportunities and Q&A sessions at the event.




ELLE is the world’s largest fashion magazine, with 43 international editions in over 60 countries. Subscriptions account for 73 percent of readers. There are 33 Elle websites globally, which collectively attract over 25 million unique visitors and 370 million page views per month. The magazine reaches over 69 million readers. The vast majority (82 percent) of ELLE’s audience are women between the ages of 18 and 49.
Elle’s readers are, for the most part, dynamic young women, employed, above average in income and with a keen interest in trends. As the editor recapitulates: „They are young enough to experience life as an adventure, but also wealthy enough to afford such an adventure!“

Check out the full story on our website.


ELLE ist das weltweit größte Modemagazin mit 43 internationalen Ausgaben in über 60 Ländern. Abonnements machen 73 Prozent der Leser aus. Weltweit gibt es 33 ELLE-Websites, die insgesamt über 25 Millionen Besucher und 370 Millionen Seitenaufrufe pro Monat generieren. Das Magazin erreicht über 69 Millionen Leser. Die...

100 Poster Battle 2020–2021 By Students of FH Dortmund with Lars Harmsen

Sober: A poster should invite, communicate, inform, convince, and also provoke. If a viewer feels addressed, a poster is able to influence his or her decisions through text and images.

Emotional: @100posterbattle—one poster a day, for a hundred days, the span of a semester. Inspired by daily events from politics and current affairs. With the aim to try out different techniques, beyond the limits of conventional tools.

In the end, 100 days of poster design reads like a diary. 2020/21 was marked by the pandemic and its consequences for culture, society, and education, the scary tweets of Trump and the upcoming US-elections, BLM, LGBTQ, Söder and Laschet in the power struggle, pro-democracy demos in Thailand, climate goals 2030, and fun-facts like the height of Mt. Everest which has shrunk by 86 cm, the eruption of the Sakurajima volcano in Japan, Elon Musk has become the richest man in the world as well as the boom of sextoys …

100 Poster Battle 2020–2021

Editor: Dortmund University of Applied Sciences
Publisher: Slanted Publishers
Release: September 2021

Büro Destruct 4 By Büro Destruct - the 4th monograph not only presents the best of the realized projects of the past twelve years, but also intermediate steps, discards, experiments, and inspiration

In contrast to the strict and somewhat restrained Swiss Style of the 1960s, Büro Destruct stands for design without the handbrake on. Apparently everything is possible. It can be humorous, loud, colorful and zeitgeisty. At the same time, minimalism, precision and craftsmanship are present in all their work. The Swiss, who see themselves and their studio as a kind of band, again present a skillfully composed album with this new book.

The Bern-based foursome have never dealt in safe or conventional consensus graphics, but prefer distinct, sometimes trashy and always refreshingly original designs. Blessed with a healthy dose of insatiable curiosity, they have been seeking out inspiration from beyond the mountain ranges since the mid-1990s—long before the proliferation of Internet access and distribution. The Swiss strongly associate with values inherent in Japanese culture, in which they have found—and continue to find—inspiration over the years. However, unlike Emil Ruder and other heroes of classic Swiss graphic design, who also drew on Japan, they are more inspired by the wild...

Children’s Lobby at Parliament Square launches Letters to the Earth COP26 Campaign

Children gathered at Parliament Square in London to read their Letters to the Earth, ahead of the Cop26 summit in Glasgow. Matilda Minchin and Belle Rice, 9, read their letters along with Thurston Blackburn, 12, and siblings Sarah, Hisham and Maryam. MPs Caroline Lucas and Clive Lewis talk about the importance of the CEE Bill to protect the environment and Kay Michael explains why it's important to give children a voice and platform at a young age.
As schools return and as the UK parliament resits after the summer break, the Letters to the Earth campaign calls on people nationwide to raise their voice for the protection of nature and for a safe future for every child - and to be heard by those making decisions at the next UN Climate Conference hosted in the UK this November, COP26.

In light of the UN’s IPCC ‘code red’ report on August 9th and the UNICEF report on August 19th stating the extreme risks faced by over a billion of the Earth's children from climate and nature breakdowns, the campaign team behind Letters to the Earth are mobilising those in business and...


SPARBAR® PRO 4X - The New Era Of Bespoke Hand Crafted Boxing Training Equipment Has Arrived

SPARBAR, Ltd, the inventor and manufacturer of SPARBAR® boxing and fitness equipment, announces the shipment of the boxer collector’s edition SPARBAR® PRO 4.X series in Vintage Brown and Midnight Black.

The luxurious SPARBAR® PRO 4X editions deserve a place as a collector's item in all home and boutique gyms. Hand-stitched from 100% genuine cowhide premium leather, these high-end training devices are the choice for the more sophisticated boxing enthusiast and were designed to celebrate boxing at its finest as a sport.

The Vintage Brown edition pays homage to the boxing icons who fought their way from humble beginnings to the timeless admiration of millions of adoring fans cementing their eternal legendary status.

The Midnight Black edition stands for the bespoke luxury era of boxing for connoisseurs who actively want only the best out of life.

Pre-order customers benefit first from the collectibles with market-leading technologies for the boxing fitness & HIIT workout.

SPARBAR PRO® builds focus, speed and hand eye coordination, and has had knock-out reviews by pro...