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featured by Gerlachhartog Markenkommunikation : Clemens Gerlach, CD Art of the creative agency GERLACHHARTOG, as a juror at the GoSeeAWARDS and with BRUNO BANANI Underwear S/S 2023 on GoSee

“Besides the customary agency bling-bling, you’ll also have to do without all the hierarchies and politics here. Sorry to tell you, we don’t even know how to play golf,” is the confident claim of Hamburg-based creative agency GERLACHHARTOG. For the GoSeeAWARDS themed upon ‘Visual Seduction’, we were able to get Clemens Gerlach, founder and CD Art at the creative agency, on board as a juror/viewer this year.

Clemens Gerlach has worked as an Art and Creative Director in top creative agencies in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Berlin and London – all while collecting awards like others do parking tickets. He is an agency partner, CD, AD, and in charge of final artwork at the same time – “and he doesn’t rest until the design is as perfect as the idea,” the unanimous opinion of his agency colleagues.

Generalist or specialist? The core disciplines of marketing communication are covered by GERLACHHARTOG in-house. For everything else, from moving images to trade fair booth architecture, or programming, they find a specialist in their network who is best suited for the project at hand.

The agency was founded by Clemens Gerlach and Peer Hartog in August 2010 based upon the idea : How much agency does a brand need? The result is the essence of a creative agency: as small, streamlined and personal as possible. Which means, the founders are also the executive CDs here. CEOs Clemens Gerlach and Peer Hartog are art and text CDs, but also ADs and copywriters. Project management, social media and PR is all done in-house, with everything else from the network, partners, and in co-op.

The GoSeeAWARDS offer you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in an online viewing that’s a class of its own. And it’s free of charge. Alongside Clemens Gerlach, many more top-notch creatives have agreed to support the GoSeeAWARDS – organized by GoSee.News for more than 20 years and the perfect chance to toss your name, your project into the creative ring.

GERLACHHARTOG presents us the BRUNO BANANI Underwear/Spring-Summer 2023 campaign here on GoSee, photographed by Tamara Arne (CD: Clemens Gerlach, styling: Mimi RONCEVIC c/o BLOSSOM MGMT, hair & makeup: Stefanie Mellin c/o Ballsaal).

GoSee : GoSeeAWARDS.comgerlachhartog.de
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featured by BOSCHtoBANRAP : ‘Accidents & Co = Get off the gas!’ - Janine GRAUBAUM c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP photographs the campaign for BMVI, aka Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

For the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Janine GRAUBAUM c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP photographed a meaningful campaign for the agency Scholz & Friends. 

Under adverse weather conditions in a storm with nonstop rain, the campaign was photographed on a film highway near Cologne. The unplanned bad weather turned out to be quite good for the message of the campaign in the end – after all, it is intended to showcase the people who risk their lives working on highways.

Art Director was Teresa Kilchytska, Creative Director was Michael Winterhagen, production was in the hands of Anika Möllemann, with stylist Sabine Berlipp as well as hair & makeup by Jennifer Hecht. They were assisted by Johannes Hartig and Stefan Wieland, and post production came from Vivid Grey.

GoSee : boschtobanrap.com
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BLOSSOM MGMT : 50 Years of Unit-linked Policies for ZURICH INSURANCE … – and meet BLOSSOM as an exhibitor at UPDATE-22-BERLIN

Since 1972, Zurich has been offering unit-linked policies. At the time, retirement provision based on securities was rather rare. Today, fund-based products account for 80 percent of new business in retirement provisions. And now Zurich is celebrating the 50th birthday.

Axel Kranz photographed the ‘50 Years of Unit-linked Policies’ campaign for the ZURICH INSURANCE GROUP. At his side was hair & make-up artist Miriam Jochims c/o BLOSSOM MGMT.

With gross written premiums and policy fees of 50,998 billion US dollars, ZURICH, founded in 1872, is the largest insurance company in Switzerland and ranks fifth among primary insurers worldwide. The group is active in 210 countries and territories and has approximately 55,000 employees around the world.

Since 1997, the Blossom Management team has represented photographers, hair & make-up artists and stylists. “With this kind of experience, you can rely on us to find the team that will suit your specific requirements best – whether you are planning a photo or TVC shoot, organizing a fashion show, hosting a promotional event or looking for a suitable personality to represent your brand. Responding to a growing demand amongst our artists, we have also successfully expanded our consulting and coaching department and are extremely proud to have negotiated several long-term brand ambassador contracts. Furthermore, we support our talents in marketing their own products and positioning themselves as premium brands.”

As a member of both BAVUS (association of agencies for hair, make-up and styling) and BUBIG e.V. (German Federal Association of Image Designers), we advocate fair working conditions for the creative artists we represent.

GoSee : blossommanagement.de

Zurich Insurance – 50 Years of Unit-linked Policies
Creative Director Joachim Herrler
Styling Kris Komorowski
Hair & Make-up Miriam Jochims c/o BLOSSOM MGMT
Photographer Axel Kranz
HUM Assist. Lisa Spiller

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