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featured by Marion Walter : Symrise SymProBiome™ campaign with a gym wheel circus artist, produced by MARION WALTER for the agency Heine Warnecke Design

For the agency Heine Warnecke Design and the client SYMRISE, MARION WALTER and her team produced the campaign for SymProBiome™ in the Gleis 7 studios. It is a platform which combines cutting-edge science and innovative active ingredients, enabling product manufacturers to explore new innovative components.

“In order to convey the extraordinary character of the SymProBiome™ portal and the Symrise products to the fullest extent in visuals, we commissioned photographer Johann Sebastian Hänel c/o Bransch. Our model for this production was gym wheel circus artist Mikail Karahan. For styling, we got Antonia Hacks on board. Together with the production team from eachfilm, Sebastian Hänel ultimately shot breathtaking photo and film material, which precisely reflects the liveliness and complexity of SymProBiome™ down to the last detail,” Marion tells GoSee.
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