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CAROLINESEIDLER.COM is delighted to welcome NEW entry LINDA ZOEY, plus: MAXIMA, FALSTAFF Travel, a mural for CHAM, BIORAMA and MANZ PUBLISHING

New at Vienna’s Ambassador of Illustration is LINDA ZOEY – we present you a little glimpse of her young and sassy stroke of the pen here on GoSee. Plus : Let the summer begin with stars by Josephine WARFELMANN for MAXIMA. Maxima.at is the digital women’s lifestyle platform of REWE International AG, with everything you need to know about the topics beauty, feeling fit, food & lifestyle.

FALSTAFF Travel sends you off on a journey with maps by Blagovesta BAKARDJIEVA. Wanderlust has rarely been this strong and the anticipation of travel experiences to come as great as they are right now! Our dreams of traveling and longing deserve above all one thing: special attention if you ask Editor Nadine Tschiderer.

We take a cultural deep dive with Claudia MEITERT in the city of Cham – she had the pleasure of designing a mural for the tourism information service of Cham-Upper Palatinate.

Then we are briefly underway with children in the Viennese Lines, Vienna’s public transport, together with Thomas MADREITER for BIORAMA.

Legal protection was the topic of Josephine WARFELMANN for MANZ PUBLISHING. Manz’sche Verlags- und Universitätsbuchhandlung GmbH is a time-honored publishing company specialized in law, taxes and economics founded in 1849 and is headquartered in Vienna. “Fresh design skillfully underscores serious legal topics.” we gladly quote Caroline Seidler.
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‘LOOK at me … ’ – illustrations by the Ambassador of Illustration CAROLINESEIDLER.COM

LOOK at me is the motto of the AMBASSADOR OF ILLUSTRATION in April. Because : “We want to be seen, in as many different ways possible. Classic, individual, … and definitely in Berlin at UPDATE 22!”

To set the mood, here are works by Claudia MEITERT, Maria RUBAN, Christina MÜHLHÖFER, Blagovesta BAKARDJIEVA, Kathrin FRANK, Gina MÜLLER, Myriam HEINZEL, Sarah EGBERT EIERSHOLT. Their illustrations created as commissioned work are themed upon individual or group portraits for corporate publishing, annual reports, editorials, fashion, cosmetics, … and much more.

In this issue, we’d like to highlight the illustrations by Eva VASARI on the topic of ‘Hemp’ for DATUM magazine a bit as well as the works by Clara BERLINSKI for the forestry company Austrian Federal Forests. In her illustrated forest, you’ll encounter cormorants and plenty of other beautiful creatures.

GoSee : carolineseidler.com
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Who knows where the journey will take us ! – THE AMBASSADOR OF ILLUSTRATION CAROLINESEIDLER.COM with you on your path to wherever it may lead and more … stopping along the way at UPDATE-22-BERLIN

Traveling, arriving, departing, seeing the world, going on vacation, doing the latest travel thing, business travel, space travel… hiking, immigrating, emigrating, hiking to, hiking fro, finally reaching a destination, staying a while, ahh…resting, and then getting going again… with illustrations by Kathrin FRANK, Valerie TIEFENBACHER, Blagovesta BAKARDJIEVA, Irene SACKMANN, Alex NEMEC, Magdalena WOLF, Clara BERLINSKI, Kat J. WEISS, Artur BODENSTEIN, Nicloas AZNAREZ, Merle SCHEWE, Sarah EGBERT EIERSHOLT, Gina MÜLLER, Stefanie HILGARTH, Myriam HEINZEL, Eva VASARI, Claudia MEITERT, Christina MÜHLHÖFER, Tibo EXENBERGER … all in preparation of UPDATE 22 in Berlin !

“We look forward to saying hello at our booth and can’t wait to hear the stories from your journey or get a chance to talk face to face about how you’ve been doing in these turbulent times!” Caroline Seidler, CEO of THE AMBASSADOR OF ILLUSTRATION – CAROLINESEIDLER.COM.

GoSee : UPDATE.Salon & carolineseidler.com
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