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The Ambassador of Illustration meets UPDATE.Salon on 18 April 2024 in Berlin – and can hardly wait to RAFFLE a ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’

“We can hardly wait! And packed our bags with the illustrative world of THE AMBASSADOR OF ILLUSTRATION for all of you to see!” says Caroline Seidler, The Ambassador of Illustration.

For her exclusive raffle on Thursday, 18 April, THE AMBASSADOR OF ILLUSTRATION, aka Carolinseidler.com, is giving away a two-night stay at Hotel Beethoven, a charming boutique hotel in Vienna – nestled between the Naschmarkt, the Vienna Secession building, the Vienna State Opera and Museumsquartier.

The Journey to the Center of the Earth : “In his novels, Jules Verne, the inventor of science fiction, presents us protagonists engaging in heated discussions on competing theories tested against arguments in favor of their refutal. Readers in his day and age must have felt similar to how we do in today’s media-saturated society: the more ‘expert opinions’ we hear on a given topic – the less we know what we can believe. Verne strikes a captivating balance between strict scientific accuracy and unfettered imagination in this geological novel.” says the Vienna-based illustration agency.

Feel free to stop by Caroline’s booth and try your luck! Tickets for the raffle will be available there on 18 April during our UPDATE.Salon at Telegraphenamt in Berlin.

The raffle itself will take place on 8 May 2024 at Bar Ludwig, and the winners will be notified in writing.

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Raffle at UPDATE-24-BERLIN ! CAROLINESEIDLER.COM looks forward to her TRIP TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH for UPDATE-24-BERLIN, the salon for photo, film, prod, post, … and not least, illustration

UPDATE-24-BERLIN … and for the AMBASSADOR OF ILLUSTRATION, aka CAROLINESEIDLER.COM, preparations are already well underway : they’re busy packing a big suitcase full with everything from flip charts to animation reels, portfolios and, of course, the UPDATE raffle.

“The key visual by Christina Mühlhöfer will accompany us all throughout the event but will, above all, be used for our raffle. Find out more soon on our website carolineseidler.com and in the next GoSee.News!” says Caroline Seidler, Ambassador of Illustration.

For now, here’s a glimpse at the latest commissioned work by Daria Kuvakina, Nicolas Aznarez, Karim Blanc, Kerstin Luttenfeldner, Clara Berlinski, Claudia Meitert, Blagovesta Bakardjieva, Christina Mühlhöfer, and Eva Vasari.

“We look forward to seeing everyone again and meeting new people!” we quote Caroline. So don’t forget : 18 April 2024, Telegraphenamt in Berlin Mitte.

GoSee : UPDATE.Salon

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Fresh, sassy, bold & up-to-the-minute… we present you works by illustrator Clara BERLINSKI c/o CAROLINESEIDLER.COM on GoSee.News

Illustrator Clara BERLINSKI c/o CAROLINE SEIDLER.COM is fresh, sassy, bold and always up-to-the-minute with her visualizations. Her clear visual language and strong colors regularly bring her animation projects for tutorials. Skilled in her craft, she gives explainer videos their very own look.

The portfolio of Clara Berlinski is marked by a narrative and critical approach to topics with clear and compact visualizations. Always allowed: tongue firmly in cheek.

One of her striking new works is ‘Words Can Be Weapons’ for the platform ‘Buddy 4 You’, which was also awarded, by the way, at ADC EUROPE, as well as ‘Onkel Hermann’ for the German Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.
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