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CONTAINER LOVE presents 'Love Has No Label' - a portrait series about real queer identities that navigate the quest to be accepted and find love in a world of boxes and stereotypes.
'Love Has No Label' is a portrait series about real queer identities that navigate the quest to be accepted and find love in a world of boxes and stereotypes. One main film submitted in four episodes that questions and challenges what has been taught as 'normal' or 'natural' through self-expression and power. This is a short about celebrating love through honest self-power expression.

We all grow up in a system of stereotypes, we all grow up believing that people are supposed to put other people in boxes – that’s how society works. We ain’t making the rules. But do we realize what this system does to us? No one can win with a losing hand.

Every human being has got a desire for individuality. You can be special, they say, but only within the designated framework. Trespassers will be shot. You better know your place. Choose a color, choose a dream, choose a love from the official inventory. Whatever it takes to make the box feel like home. Because it is home, isn’t it? Say it. What’s wrong with some compromises? For the greater good. For the sake of your mom, your friends, for the neighbour’s dog. Everyone’s gonna be happier, they say.

One thing they don’t say is that the process of maturing should be about constantly exposing, questioning and challenging the very stereotypes we’ve been taught to believe in blindly.

On the surface, labeling might make handling people, their actions and reactions easier. A loud yes, they’re all like that requires way less effort than actually listening to what the other’s got to say. People feeding the deadly weapons of stereotypes falsely claim that the world is a place of simple choices. They are hurting people who are being labeled against their will, but mostly they’re robbing themselves of the opportunity of getting to know and understand others, the only way towards genuine happiness.

Do you remember the first time you chose confrontation over comfort? Getting yourself in trouble only because you decided that you deserve more than hiding behind prefabricated masks your whole life? We all took a beating for standing up for what we felt was right. And we took it with pride.

Pretending that something does not exist won’t make it disappear in real life. That’s not how it works. You can’t lock everyone into their little boxes forever. People evolve and grow and there is no way anyone can keep them hidden in a men-made cage. At our House of Love, our mission is to help people break free, step into the light. Because it doesn’t matter where you came from, what you believe in or who you love – every human being deserves to feel visible, equal and accepted.

Talent. Chiderah, Isaak, Kat, Shayne
Production Company. SCR/ Iconoclast X  
Director. Ben Galster
DoP. Julian Landweer
Producer. Christian Ruess & Tim Augustin
Stylist. Katharina Willim
Hair Stylist. Hauke Krause
Make Up Artist. Fabienne Hoppe
Editor. Anselm Koeffke @SEC
Colorist. Lutz Forster
Music. Gordian Gleiß @86 Tales
Sound Design & Mix. Gordian Gleiß @86 Tales

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