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KEEP YOUR MIND MOVING – PATRICK CURTET presents you ‘a complete campaign in print and video without even leaving our desks’ on GoSee

In this crazy world, if our movements are restricted, our creativity continues to travel beyond our constraints. MP CURTET teamed up with Curve Digital and LA CREATIVE TEAM to take on the challenge of creating a complete campaign in print and video without even leaving their desks. After a bit of brainstorming, long talks, plenty of preparation, and drawing a few mood boards, they finally came up with a mutual concept.

Curve Digital put all the man power of both studios together, in the UK and Los Angeles, to finalize the visuals. And after tackling challenge upon challenge, they pushed the boundaries to create moving images in collaboration with LA CREATIVE TEAM. Spotbot LA put on the final touches in color grading and sound design. GoSee!

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‘A Night Out’ aka ‘Dial 911’ – personal work by photographer and director PATRICK CURTET, Los Angeles

‘Dial 911’ – How do you create visuals that pack a maximum punch with a minimum setup? This was precisely the challenge in the personal project by transportation specialist PATRICK CURTET. “Keep it simple and RAW, sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics and strip down the brief to get the essence of the moment.” says Patrick.

Patrick Curtet (MP Curtet) wanted to experiment with storytelling and a minimum of props – but this personal work just wouldn’t be him without the proper dose of automobile and asphalt. The rest is an interplay of light and shadows, as well as moods captured with a hint of color. We have the result for you on GoSee. Find more work by the Curtets on Instagram @mpcurtet or @lacreativeteam.
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Time to gear up! PATRICK CURTET stages the energy-packed SEAT LEON campaign including spots between Spain and Portugal for SEAT Spain and the agency C14 – we have the photos and videos for you on GoSee

SEAT Spain (Brand Advertising: Jordi Torrente, AS Marketing: Cristina Marote) and the agency C14 commissioned Photographer and Director PATRICK CURTET c/o SEVERIN WENDELER to realize the new SEAT LEON campaign. Creative responsibility was in the hands of Creative Director Álvaro Ramos with ADs Eduard De Benito and Eduard Mayoral. The agency producer was Gabriela Nogueira.

“SEAT never stand’s still – and to push the boundaries, they asked me, MP Curtet, to work on a fresh and dynamic campaign for the new SEAT LEON. Between Spain and Portugal, the team got to a few very simple but graphic locations to create astonishing and dynamic visuals. The deal was to shoot it as it is, and do it the way I do things. And, of course, when you let me and my team drive the shoot, what’s considered normal becomes a different story,” Patrick tells GoSee with a laugh.

It was produced by MyWay Productions, and Curve Digital took care of post production, with editing of the moving images by LA Creative Team.
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