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VW ID.4, the first electric SUV for everyone – the visual worlds for the trendsetter staged by MP CURTET

The new VW ID.4 combines the versatility of a modern SUV with the performance of an electric car. The battery-electric SUV, launched for the first time in the spring of 2021, is VW’s second production vehicle following the ID.3 that is based on the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB). For VOLKSWAGEN America, MP CURTET photographed the motifs presented here.

“VW is gearing up for the electric world. It’s hard not to notice the striking silhouette the ID.4 creates with its clean lines and aerodynamic elements. MP Curtet have been commissioned to bring this newcomer to life. The fresh and aesthetic series is out now.” MP CURTET

More motifs from the spread commissioned by the agency Johannes Leonardo NY can be seen on the website of the creative team based in Los Angeles.

GoSee : mpcurtet.com 

Photos Patrick Curtet
Agency Johannes Leonardo NY Charles Watlington, Olga Vladova
Produced by John Babor
HMU Lucy Crawford
Wardrobe stylist Christina Kretschmer
Retouch by Curve Digital Ltd
Marlyne Curtet
MP Curtet represented by Kathryn Tyrrel O’Connor - Christian Severin - William Blanc

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‘I AM A WOMAN’ – the personal empowerment project by MARLYNE & PATRICK CURTET for you on GoSee.NEWS

We can hear them roar … the spread and the film to go with it, ‘I Am A Woman’ by Marlyne & Patrick Curtet, draws inspiration from the poem of the same name. ‘I Am A Woman’ was written and read by Kat Burns, aka KASHKA, a songwriter, artist and composer.

“WOMEN have always been at the heart of our work. We are passionate and dedicated to creating an environment that empowers WOMEN, amplifying their voices and creativity. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries and make impactful, meaningful projects.” Marlyne & Patrick Curtet.

Canadian musician Kat Burns was previously a songwriter and vocalist of the Forest City Lovers. She headed the folk-pop band Forest City Lovers from 2006 to 2012, releasing three albums and one vinyl single with the band. In 2010, she started her own project KASHKA and has already released two albums and a number of singles. Burns is also involved in the community organizations Girls Rock Camp Toronto and SKETCH.

GoSee : @therealkatburns & kashkamusic.commpcurtet.com

Photographer / Director: MP CURTET @mpcurtet
Storytelling / Art direction: L.A. Creative Team @lacreativeteam – Axel Bonnot @axelbono & Marlyne Curtet @marlynecurtet
Stylists: The Sister Styling @SisterStyling – Natalie & Gioliosa Fuller
Makeup: Iris Moreau @irismoreaumakeup
Hair: Doug Mengert @_douglasjack
Models: Hailey Beth @haileybeths – WOMEN Management, Asianna Scott @asiannascott – NOUS Agency: Aileen Chiu @aileenchews – NO TIES Management
DOP: Joachim Zunke @joachimzunke
Edit / Post Production: L.A. Creative Team @lacreativeteam – Axel Bonnot @axelbono
PA: Mickael Zaoui

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Never stop exploring. Photographer and Director duo MP CURTET stage the new MAZDA CX-50 for MAZDA USA and Superunion in the lush forests outside of Seattle

Sometimes, all it takes to set off your next adventure is an invitation. And that’s precisely what happened when Mazda USA called upon photographer and director duo MP CURTET to create the complete communication mix for the new MAZDA CX-50.

It didn’t take long for the duo to find the perfect location: Where else but ‘Into the Wild’… Their sights were set on the area surrounding Seattle in the Pacific Northwest of the USA with its lush forests. They brought the prototype there to kick off a week-long shoot – to show just what this brand-new crossover SUV can do in the great outdoors. Patrick Curtet tells GoSee : “When you talk about northern Washington, you’re always talking about rain, lots of rain. The whole week long, it never stopped. Which makes the result even more stunning, and it brings such a fresh vibe to it. It’s an invitation to the outdoors. Get out there and breathe…”

Production was supported by Chris Hill, Senior Manager, Brand, Entertainment and Sponsorships at Mazda North American Operations, and the agency Superunion. Photos were shot by Patrick and Marlyne Curtet, aka MP CURTET. Also part of the team was Laura Goehrke, Senior Producer at Hogarth Worldwide.

‘We’re more human in nature’ – Spending time in nature rejuvenates and invigorates us as humans, increases our well-being and heightens our creativity. Four years of research and development have yielded a truly unique vehicle, by merging harmony, capability and elegance – to forge the new MAZDA CX-50. “Our vehicles have always been designed based on a human-centric philosophy, engineered to bring man and machine into unprecedented harmony, through the joy of driving. So, for Mazda’s purpose-built vehicle for the outdoors, we looked to our engineers to go one step further. To create a vehicle that brings man, machine, and the natural world into a unique harmony, greater than the sum of its parts. From its i-Activ All-Wheel Drive and Mi-Drive modes to its panoramic sunroof and intelligent utility, the CX-50 was designed to connect drivers and passengers with the natural world, by delivering a driving experience off the beaten path, that is both engaging and seamless.”


Marlyne and Patrick Curtet, aka MP Curtet, come from a hybrid lineage of art direction and photography, blending French elegance with an utterly bold spirit. The L.A.-based French couple works in a symbiotic relationship with their combined talents, giving their images a unique depth and quality. The emotive resonance of their partnership adds an extra layer to their storytelling and cinematographic vision.

Aside from the uniqueness of their images, the duo loves bringing an innovative approach to any challenge that is thrown their way. There are no boundaries to their creative mindset: virtual reality, Unreal Engines, drones, or CGI are all on the table when it comes to realizing their vision and storytelling. MP Curtet love to share their passion, bringing diverse multidisciplinary crews together in the service of creativity. They use their multifaceted talents to create stunning content, whether stills or moving images, across all multimedia platforms. MP Curtet have brought their cinematographic look and experience to award-winning projects for more than 100 brands.

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