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Stylish in Every Setting - MP CURTET stage the GENESIS GV 70 for INNOCEAN USA

For the GENESIS car brand, the quest for a challenge just never stops. Constantly on the move, they continuously research and develop new technologies – all to advance the evolution and improvement of their models.

To create visuals of the brand, the agency Innocean USA teamed up once more with LA-based French duo MP Curtet. And created once again were powerful visuals to perfectly support brand communication.

“As soon as you get into the athletic G70 SUV, you will appreciate that it’s special.” GENESIS.

The new premium SUV GV70 feels just as much at home in the city as it does in the countryside. Dynamic performance paired with athletic design and cutting-edge technology – captured with the camera to perfection by MP CURTET.

GoSee : curtet.com

Client: Genesis
Agency: Innocean USA
Photographer & Director: MP Curtet

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Code RED in Miami ! - MP CURTET stage the Hyundai Sonata 2024 – top secret – full of urban-modern flavor and big city flair, … motifs plus a peek behind the scenes for you on GoSee.News

“It’s always fun when the brief is: ‘We want to see our car in an urban environment, but the car is under embargo, so nobody can see the vehicle.’ Classic, and always an interesting challenge for the production.” Patrick Curtet tells GoSee.News.

And that’s how and why French creative duo MP CURTET and their team found themselves in Miami at the beginning of 2023. The advertising agency Innocean from Korea wanted to produce in the US with its beautiful newcomer, the Hyundai Sonata 2024 – full of urban-modern flavor and under plenty of sky but still absolutely top secret. After a week of production, staying hidden from the public, it was done. And we’re delighted to present you the result here on GoSee.News.

This Hyundai Sonata for 2024 is a facelift of the model launched in 2019 already in its eighth generation. The most obvious novelty is at the front where the midsize sedan has received a wide LED light bar. Lots of new changes to the interior, too: for instance, the Sonata is the first Hyundai model to get a panoramic curved display. Unfortunately the model won’t be coming to the European market.

The motifs were post-produced by GoSee Premium Member FIXIP.

GoSee : mpcurtet.com & fixip.today

Client: Hyundai
Agency: Innocean Worldwide
Art Director: oh-studio-g-2
Photographers: @mpcurtet
Executive Producer: The Headliners-Kimi Kim/ Jin
Production: Ink & Oranges
Post Production: @fixip
Styling: @sistersstyling

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‘Power and Efficiency in Harmony’ - the new MAZDA CX-90 PHEV staged by MP CURTET (stills & motion) for The Garage Team Mazda

The Mazda CX-90 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) was designed as the ultimate expression of everything Mazda stands for. The three-row SUV has been crafted to exhilarate through electrification, design, technology and performance. Japanese carmaker Mazda designed the model to offer all-electric capability for shorter trips or a combination of combustion and electric for longer journeys. It is a breakthrough vehicle in its segment – and on the road.

French duo MP CURTET, aka Marlyne and Patrick Curtet, are longtime partners of the marque and have contributed something truly extraordinary to this model. In harmony with the brand philosophy of Mazda, they have created a dazzling design that is equally organic and elegant.

Here on GoSee, they present us stills and moving images of this stunning reveal – the new MAZDA CX-90 PHEV. Retouch was in the hands of GoSee Member FIXIP.

Client: Cora Tanuwidjaja, Chris Hill & Mario Galardo (Mazda USA)
Design and Brand: Tsuchida Yasutake, Jacques Flynn
Agency: Creative Director Kaorou, Erik Chrisman, Jen Lynn (Garage Team MAZDA)
Director/Photographer: Marlyne Curtet x Patrick Curtet @mpcurtet
DOP: Vic Huber
Producer: @mj68 Michael Horta
Retoucher: @FIXIP - Mika Laujin
Photo Team: @TimCurtet @jim_inglis @kipccorley
Video Team: Jeff McCoy @kyleklebe
Wardrobe: @sisterstyling Giolliosa Fuller; HMU @llewcee @carlitos_hair
Talent: @charlottedelamor @adrianwyess

Rep #mpcurtet @bareps Kathryn Tyrrel O’Connor in USA
Christian Severin in Europe
Beam Photography William Blanc in France

GoSee mpcurtet.com
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