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news featured by GoSee ART MARY ELLEN MARK - ENCOUNTERS, LAGO DI HOMO by NAVOT MILLER and IMAGE ECOLOGY - three new exhibitions at C/O BERLIN, a first impression for you on GoSee.News

Mary Ellen Mark. Encounters’ features five iconic projects created by the photographer (1940–2015) during the 1970s and 1980s, and whose subsequent publications in book form have contributed significantly to her reputation: ‘Ward 81’ collects her documentation of women in a state mental institution in Oregon over a period of weeks; ‘Falkland Road’ is a reportage on sex workers in Mumbai; ‘Mother Teresa’s Missions of Charity’ is a visual exploration both of the woman and her mission; ‘Indian Circus’ reproduces a series depicting traveling circus families, while Mark’s award-winning ‘Streetwise’ project and subsequent ‘Tiny: Streetwise Revisited’ show her ongoing commitment to telling the story of Erin Charles, who was thirteen when they first met, and known as Tiny. Mark began the project when Tiny was living on the streets and continued photographing her (and eventually her ten children) over the next thirty years.

The group exhibition ‘Image Ecology’ presents a global...

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