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DANIEL HARTZ stages the new FORD MUSTANG MACH E in a lifestyle fashion shoot in Shanghai and elegantly in the studio

For the new all-electric FORD MUSTANG MACH E, DANIEL HARTZ was booked for a multimedia project, consisting of a lifestyle fashion shoot with the Mach E on location in Shanghai plus a beauty photo spread in the studio.

And because the motifs are to be used across all extreme formats (from pano-billboards to 9:16 vertical), the project required precise planning up front. The final touches were put on in post production by Grit Hackenberg, who was also responsible for animation, editing the image spread and grading the motifs for the client’s various social media activities.

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The TESLA Model Y in the Performance version made in Brandenburg – photographed by DANIEL HARTZ

To perfectly match the black TESLA Model Y Performance with its chic black Überturbine wheels and the red brake calipers, DANIEL HARTZ chose an unusual black architect villa as the location for his shoot.

“Natural light and the beautiful old tree population at the location created wonderful reflections both in the car’s finish and the glass windows so that I was able to capture a natural look in the photos – despite the dominant color black.” Daniel Hartz.

The Tesla Y Performance has plenty under the hood if you take a look at its tech specs : 513 PS and an acceleration from 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds. Putting fear in the hearts of many a sports car – and all fully electric. A special ace up its sleeve compared to the competition : the car is constantly optimized through software updates. All you need is WiFi, and even older models are always up to date.

The TESLA Model Y is already available in the basic version starting at € 55,970.

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Sportier than ever before – DANIEL HARTZ photographs the AUDI S4

The new and even sportier version of the AUDI S4 was photographed by Daniel Hartz against a thrilling architectural backdrop : “The architecture of the location was chosen to underscore the sculpted athletic design of the Audi S4, and the nature of the building with its rusty surface is meant to provide a graphic contrast to the thoroughly designed vehicle.” transportation specialist Daniel Hartz tells GoSee.

The future at Audi is also 100% digital. And with it, of course, the premium mobility experience of the future : “Sign up now for an appointment to receive a live online consultation. The Audi dealership employee who is booked for consulting will take you along into the Audi S4 sedan via smart glasses and explain all of the optional features.”

Also part of the shoot was male model Anton from M4 models Berlin, who was styled by Elena von Schlenk.

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