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'ANATOL DE CAP ROUGE – GROWING UP', appearing at the Cap Rouge Gallery Vienna and now available via Anatol's wonderful GoSeeSHOP

Constant growth is an inevitable part of our being. Whatever we do, wherever we are, we are driven to grow. This has to be one of our major targets in life. Sometimes we feel very strongly, we have grown out of a certain world. Still we disavow, we try to avoid the pain of leaving something behind. Still we know: without separating from the old, we cannot open the door to the new. The doll house around the protagonist in ANATOL DE CAP ROUGE's art series symbolizes the world she has grown out of and she is not yet ready to leave. Her lackadaisical looks, sitting in the living room next to the fireplace, her books too small, her chairs way too little - and her yearning gaze out of the kitchen window – symbolize her upcoming escape.

The GROWING UP series is meant as an appeal to the viewer to leave the world he has grown out of, to step into his new self – in a proud, brave and courageous way. GROWING UP will be on display at the new Cap Rouge Gallery Vienna in spring 2019 and can be purchased in the GoSeeSHOP of ANATOL DE CAP ROUGE.

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