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Dirk Weyer

Photography + Motion

Advertising · Liquids · Stills
Hamburg, Berlin
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news DIRK WEYER photographs the WELLA TRUE GREY campaign in monochrome grey hues for a modern look on commission for Select World

Still life specialist DIRK WEYER from Hamburg photographed the WELLA ‘TRUE GREY’ campaign : monochrome grey shades for a modern look. Responsible for set styling was Christian Kleemann c/o MARLENE OHLSSON, with textures created by Bernd Steingass.

“In long years of research, we have observed more than 400 kinds of naturally grey hair and found out how to bring it to LIFE – MORE THAN GREY, we saw a beautiful and COMPLEX UNIVERSE FULL OF LIGHT, SHADOW, subtle dimensions and textures,” says WELLA.

WELLA TRUE GREY contains the worldwide first in-salon treatment for revitalizing naturally grey hair, which is free of perfume and alkalizers such as ammonia and ethanolamine. It is combined with neutral pH7 oxidative grey pigments. There are seven toners to choose from with three different intensities from light, medium to dark which enhance dimensions and shadows. Toners which not only revitalize naturally grey hair but also accentuate eye and skin color.

Dirk WEYER creates still life and...

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