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2024 Olympics with eye-catching athlete portraits by Maik FLOEDER c/o DOUBLE T for the ZDF Media Center

For ZDF and the German broadcaster’s media center for the 2024 Olympics in Paris, Maik FLOEDER c/o DOUBLE T photographed around 70 different sports (from fencing to high jump, …) in the studio, which turned out to be quite the challenge. The creative branding agency was Brandnew.
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‘MY SKIN. MY CARE.’ DADO SENS Beauty campaign by Christina GABRIEL c/o DOUBLE T 

The core competence of Christina GABRIEL c/o DOUBLE T is photographing skin, which made the campaign for DADO SENS the perfect job for her. In cooperation with Natasha from Cross the Bridge, the brief was to cast models with three different skin types: rosacea, neurodermatitis and acne.

The precise and sensitive depiction of the aforementioned skin types (production by Double T) compelled the client to immediately book a follow-up campaign. Skin Stories was created together with Popcorn Productions.

DADO SENS DERMACOSMETICS, made by the company BÖRLIND, manufactures dermatologically tested natural products for highly sensitive skin designed to help restore the skin’s delicate balance.
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MC DONALD’S ‘Famous Orders – Eat Like the Stars’ with Bill & Tom Kaulitz plus more food stills by STUDIO HACKENBERG c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS

STUDIO HACKENBERG c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS just photographed no less than five productions for MC DONALD’S, including the 'Famous Orders – Eat Like the Stars'. For the first time, Bill and Tom Kaulitz are bringing the ‘Famous Orders’ to Germany, and STUDIO HACKENBERG realized stills for the menus for Scholz & Friends.
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