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TASTE APPEAL magazine relaunch and food creations on the topic of ‘Lactose-free’ for FEMTASTICS and ARLA by STUDIO HACKENBERG c/o DOUBLE T

STUDIO HACKENBERG c/o DOUBLE T and its team photographed delicious breakfast ideas for the online fempower magazine FEMTASTICS. Topic: ‘Lactose-free’. Partner to this article is Arla LactoFREE with lactose-free milk drinks that are good for everyone who likes to drink milk but doesn’t want to do without anything, except lactose – all thanks to their natural milky taste.

More content, more recipes, more text: TASTE APPEAL mag by STUDIO HACKENBERG c/o DOUBLE T took a little trip to the beauty clinic and treated itself to a design facelift. The values however remain the same: food, culinary delight and plenty of eye-catching photos.

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Actor Maximilian Mundt in a portrait by Maximilian KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T

Maximilian KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T met up with Maximilian Mundt, A German-Hungarian actor and filmmaker, for a portrait shoot in his Berlin studio.

Ever since he played the lead role in the Netflix series HOW TO SELL DRUGS ONLINE (FAST), he’s also been known to an international audience. This year, Maximilian Mundt is featured in the video game adaptation of GRAN TURISMO by Neill Blomkamp as well as in CONTI – MY TWO FACES by Claudia Garde. After his work as an actor, Maximilian Mundt realizes film and series projects.

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‘A Fashion Poem’ by designer Kai Gerhardt and photographer Christina HASENAUER c/o DOUBLE T

Here on GoSee, Christina HASENAUER c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS presents her fashion poem with one-off pieces created by Kai Gerhardt for the shoot.

Kai Gerhardt is a fashion and textile designer based in Berlin who works mainly with a black & white palette. The design of Gerhardt’s clothing is based on his own fabric creations, which gives his collections their unique character.

Keep it Together
They say.
And we all do.
To keep up.
This charade.
As if we are all perfect. Unbreakable. Mentally.
We keep it together so forcefully
it hurts like hell.
With safety pins
of all kinds
even if they’re toxic so we won’t fall apart.
Lonely warriors in our own battles.
But imagine
if we would fight alongside each other.
if we would have each others back.
if we would reach out
so we can learn to be each other’s safety pin.
Can you imagine how strong we would be?
(Poem: Christina Hasenauer)
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