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EAST WEST MODELS presents : ‘Il Pensatore’ – featuring male model and entrepreneur Claudio BREITSCHEIDEL with a spread & interview in GQ Portugal

‘Il Pensatore’ – GQ Portugal has dedicated a beautiful feature to male model Claudio BREITSCHEIDEL c/o EAST WEST MODELS and tells us about the sharp model : “Claudio Breitscheidel, the protagonist of our editorial, is a reference to his own style – both when it comes to clothing and life itself. Introspective, dedicated and determined to have a positive impact on his community. Find out more about the digital influencer in the interview.”

In 2016, Claudio graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in the city of Aachen, Germany, and then started his international modeling career. His very first social media account laid the bedrock for his vast professional network of today. As a freelance entrepreneur, alongside modeling, he now develops and realizes individual social media concepts.

“Thrilled to share my very first GQ feature with you all!⁣⁣ In this article, I take you back to my days as a young architecture student, sharing the story of how this amazing community started. It’s a tale of challenges, growth, and the deeper purpose behind everything we’ve built together. ⁣⁣Your support means the world to me. Thank you for being such an integral part of this incredible journey 🫶🏼,⁣⁣” Claudio Breitscheidel, model and founder of CB Social.

We have the interview with Claudio for you on GoSee.News : 

How did your career in the fashion business start? The first time I started posting about my life – including my ‘looks’ – was while I was still an architecture student. One day, I was running on a treadmill and saw an ad from a sports modeling agency. At the time, I was built a lot bigger and didn’t know that being a ‘fitness model’ was about to become a huge trend in Germany. I applied, and then a short time later, received a reply that they would like to meet me.

Currently, you have a total of more than 90,000 followers on Instagram. When did you start investing in social media? Somehow, social media has always been a part of my life. I remember back in the 2000s, when the internet was this kind of ‘new thing’. Computers were expensive, so we didn’t have one. I happened to find two computers for public use in the town hall of the village where I grew up and started chatting with strangers. Somehow, that was very exiting for me. But to answer the question : When Covid started, I decided to take social media more seriously and put more time into it on a day-to-day basis.

What’s the best part about having a social media presence and what do you like least about it? The magic of social media lies in its power to touch lives. Whether I make someone laugh, motivate them to exercise or inspire them with fashion – the real reward is the feedback I get from my followers. It was this very connection that led me to run a marathon, turn my kilometers into charity, and raise 1500 euros for underprivileged children.

The part I dislike the most is that social media can consume us. What I mean by this is : we can be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. If we lose control, we can get distracted from our goals and fall into a spiral of excessive consumption. Especially for children, it’s difficult to understand this and know how to control it.

Another issue is that, as a creator, you can produce content anywhere and at any time. If you don’t have that under control, it can be hard to live in the here and now, because you’d always be thinking : “I could do this… oh, the light is great right now, I should produce something…”.

In a way, this editorial reflects a more introspective side of you, which explains the name, ‘Il Pensatore’. Is this a side that you would prefer to leave out of social media, or is it important for you to find a deeper connection with your audience? I like to communicate honestly and stay authentic. It is in precisely this vulnerability that we find solidarity and such deeper connections. When we swap stories and support one another through life’s twists and turns.

You’re not only a model and influencer, you also have your own company. How do you manage it all? My life is a kaleidoscope of experiences; each day different than the last. From content creation marathons to intense concentration sessions in my office at home, my daily routine is anything but routine. And when the whirlwind of things on my to-do list does become a storm, I find my bearings through the power of sport.

A look at your social media, one can’t help but notice that you like to travel. Are you always on the road because of work or do you usually take time off to travel without the cameras on. For me, traveling is an experience I would like to share, and never without a camera. Although I’ve learned to savor the moments without a lens, I find double the joy when I get to share them with my virtual fellow travelers and give them a front-row seat to all the adventures, the people I meet and everything that happens on my journeys. Like the time a seal suddenly tried to ‘say hi’ to me by making the most extraordinary sound.

There were times once when I always wanted to capture everything, but over time, I have learned to simply enjoy certain moments and live in the here and now : whether at concerts, when I see my grandmother or another beautiful sunset…

You recently went on a trip to Portugal. What were your favorite places and what would you recommend? During my first visit, Portugal cast a spell on me with its charming blend of tradition and vibrancy. One of the highlights was a bike tour I took through the heart of Lisbon; that, and the local cuisine, for which I gladly stood in line to get a taste. Surfing in the vicinity of Lisbon gave me a feeling of being back home, with waves and friendships that have left an indelible mark. With all its charm and warm cordiality, Portugal is a destination to which I will definitely return.

GoSee: gqportugal.pt & cb-social.com

Model Claudio Breitscheidel | @claudiobreitscheidel
Photographer Ferran Casanova | @ferran_casanova
Styling Cristian Betancurt | @the_man_in_beta
Grooming Arolab Organic | @arolaborganic
Assistant Lo Resa | @bohynekocka

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