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News // 9 News by JANA EDISONGA

Changes for the positive in 2023? – JANA EDISONGA photographs and films the R+V 2023 New Year’s Resolution campaign

Make clever choices to provide for the future … Created in cooperation with the agency wvp from Stuttgart at the end of last year was the R&V campaign presented here on the wonderful topic of New Year’s resolutions that somehow seems to come back each year. Dance more, eat better, go online less, live healthier … Sound familiar? 

Besides the photo motifs for print and online, JANA EDISONGA also staged the spots for social media and the corresponding e-posters.

R+V is one of the largest German insurance companies and the controlling company of the R+V corporation headquartered in Wiesbaden, Hesse : “Since 1922, we have been the insurance experts of the cooperative Financial Services Network of the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken. R+V is backed by 18.5 million members of the German cooperative banking institutions. The cooperative ideal is intangible cultural heritage and means: Helping one another together. Fair, humane and responsible.”

Jana Edisonga studied at HfG Offenbach. Besides painting and illustration, one of her other majors was photography. After graduating from uni, Jana photographed personal projects for a while before, as she tells us, her passion became her profession. Today, Jana works as a photographer and director for companies such as AOK, BMW, Swisscom, … plus gladly and frequently for R&V – just as she does for so many other clients.

GoSee : ruv.deedisonga.de

Stylist Alexandra Heckel
H&M Christine Be
Foodstylist Natasha Van Velzen
DOP Max Schroeder
Production Blue Bunny Production

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RADIANT – personal work by photographer JANA EDISONGA

When a meteorite enters the Earth’s atmosphere and burns up due to friction from the air, it causes a streak of light, which is generally referred to as a meteor or falling star. When several meteors in a meteor shower seem to come from one spot in the sky, this spot is called the radiant point, or simply the radiant, in astronomy.

“It’s basically about the energy and dynamics of light. The glittering styles of the models are reminiscent of the Space Age looks of the 60s. Science fiction meets disco style !” JANA EDISONGA, photographer and director, lets us know.

Casting was contributed by Tamara Sarischwili, and the models came from IZAIO and VIVA Models. Hair & makeup by Astrid Scheppan.

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R+V VERSICHERUNG is spot on with the ‘Safe+Smart’ campaign, photographed by JANA EDISONGA for the agency Accenture Song in Slovenia

Spontaneous ideas, big dreams, plans for the future … With R+V INSURANCE, you’re not alone. JANA EDISONGA photographed and filmed in Slovenia for R+V INSURANCE’s ‘Safe+Smart’ campaign – we present you Jana’s social media spots plus her campaign stills on GoSee.News.

The equally atmospheric and authentic campaign was the ‘Creation of the Month’ at Horizont and let’s you know : There is a way out of the gray and into a world full of your colors. The photos shot in parallel to filming were produced by 27km.

The campaign is focused on the services that R+V offers its clients. The messages of the ads are directly targeted at the situations in life during which customers can count on R+V – referred to as not-alone moments – when you sometimes do need a little help : ‘You are not alone.’

It kicks off with the campaign for Safe+Smart – an investment product to build a pension for retirement with very flexible access to saved assets, whether for a sabbatical, a world trip, or today more than ever, for higher energy costs in winter.

R+V Versicherung AG is one of the largest insurance companies in Germany and the parent company of the R+V Corporation headquartered in Wiesbaden, Hesse. Since 1922, they are the insurance experts in the cooperative financial alliance of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. That is, behind R+V are 18.5 million members of the German cooperative banks. “The cooperative banking idea is part of the world cultural heritage and means: Being there, together for one another. Fair, humane and responsible.” according to R+V.

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